Screen Time Tracker

In the new update for Apple devices (phones, tablets, etc), you can choose to track your screen time usage.

I did, and I just got my first 1-week summary. Holy Crap.

On my iPad, I averaged over 2 hours a DAY! On my phone: about 40 minutes a day!

What the heck am I doing all that time? Yes, some of it is watching Netflix and YouTube podcasts while I’m knitting in the evenings, but I spend way more time than I thought on social media, especially Instagram. It’s a bit frightening.

I know I am addicted. If I’m ever caught waiting in line, I get that urge to pull out my phone and check it. If I’m in that same situation without my phone, I definitely feel antsy. And if I go to work without my phone, I feel a bit lost!

I was unsure about letting the device track my usage so specifically, but I think it’s a worthwhile thing to do. I see the apps and sites I’m spending a lot of my time on and when I’m using my devices the most.

You can set limits on app use, but I want to see if even just being aware of my usage will help reduce it.

Unfortunately, we can’t use it on our kids’ iPads, because they’re too old for this update.

How do you feel about screen time tracking?


My Sea Glass skirt is done!! I finished it on October 2nd, meaning it took me about 2 months to knit it. I’m happy with that, considering how much knitting it was (over 1km of yarn!) and that I went back to work at the beginning of September.

I LOVE it! Here’s a link to my Ravelry project page if you want the details.

Here are the last 2 videos:

A Kayak

I’ve always enjoyed being on the water.

A few years ago, when our oldest was a toddler, I took kayaking lessons and it was heavenly. I even learned how to do a wet-exit!

Since then I haven’t done much kayaking…only when we rent a cottage that happens to have one.

Earlier this summer, I went over to a friends house and saw she had bought a kayak. She talked about how awesome it was to go out on her own, and it even fit IN her car, so it was pretty easy.

I was inspired, so hunted around for a used sit-on-top kayak that could fit in my small SUV (and 8-footer) and found this one:

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 4.34.06 PM

I’m not planning on going all hardcore and paddling several times a week or anything, but I’ve been out once with that very friend who inspired me and it was completely perfection! I hope to get a couple more outings in before it gets too cold.

Sea Glass Skirt Pt. 5

I am loving this knit more and more! I just finished tier 4 today, and I can’t wait to wear this! My goal is to finish it by Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct. 8th).

Fluff Books

I love me some chicklit, fluff books, especially in the summer! Here are a couple I read recently:

Who Do You Love: A Novel by [Weiner, Jennifer]

The first is something I found on the shelf at the cottage we recently rented. Once I read the synopsis and realized it had knitting involved, I though it’d be a perfect summer read. Yes – I was right! It took me two afternoons to read 😀

I didn’t know it was part of a series that followed the same female characters on their paths through womanly life (romance, jobs, family, etc), with scenes of knitting woven in (pun intended). Cute, fast, uncomplicated and predictable. Just what I look for in a fun read!

The second is yet another Jennifer Weiner book (I’ve read many), and one I bought at the end of the school year because I knew I could count on her for a good chicklit story. It follows the on-again off-again life-long romance that starts as a chance meeting in a hospital when the two main characters are children.

In all honestly, it didn’t capture me at the beginning like her other novels have. I felt a bit weird reading about childhood/teenage romance/sex! But, the story got more interesting as they got older. Another good summer read for me!

What are you favourite chicklit or summer reads?

Sea Glass Skirt Pt. 3&4

I’m at the half-way point of knitting my Sea Glass Skirt! Here are parts 3 and 4 of my mini vlog series about this project.


Mini Road-Trip

One thing I thought would be cool to do with the kids this summer is to take them on mini road-trips to nearby towns.

Earlier this week, we drove out to Lucan, had lunch, and found a playground.

I was hoping we could go explore a valley I used to drive by often, but construction nearby didn’t make that possible.

So, I went to my AllTrails app to find another nearby area with hiking trails. I found directions to the Coldstream Conservation Area, and off we went.

The kids were kind of tired by this point, so we didn’t go for a long walk. We did find a cool bridge and thought it’d be a good place to come back with DH too. They played on the playground for a while, then we headed home.

Hopefully we can do a couple more trips like this during the summer!

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