Winter Blues

Ever since it started getting cold and snowy I’ve been feeling really down. I haven’t been able to motivate myself to do much of anything. Work, exercise, socializing, chores, even reading all take a lot of effort – that is, assuming I actually get around to doing it.

I’m fully convinced that it has to do with winter arriving. It’s dark early and gets cold at night, so the last thing I want to do after eating dinner is to go back outside to do anything. The problem is the less I do, the more down I feel, then I want to do even less. It’s just a big cycle.

I know the obvious fix is to force myself to do something – but why should I do something that I don’t want too? Hmmm…I wonder what my therapist would have to say about all this?

And since I have no energy, I can’t think of anything else to write…except “come on SPRING!”

PS: we made the decision to go back west for Christmas.


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