50th Post

I have decided to get another tattoo. I’ve been wanting one for a year or so now (I have three already), but I wasn’t sure what I wanted.

Then, as I was reading Comet by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan (to help with my thesis introduction) I saw it:

An Aztec depiction of a bright comet seen by Montezuma II in the 1500’s (from Historia do las Indias de Nueva Espana by Diego Duran).

A variation of that comet is going to be wrapping around my inner ankle bone by the Fall.

Comments on: "50th Post" (4)

  1. Great tattoo plan! I have 1 very small one, but have been thinking about another for ages… would love to see pictures when it’s done!


  2. Yeah, it’s funny how once you get one it’s almost like you have a craving to get another one!I won’t get it done for a while yet, but I’ll try to remember to post pictures!


  3. This would be a great way to commemorate your defense! That’s a neat picture, I’ve never seen it before.


  4. Cool! I’m planning to get my first one when I get Canadian citizenship. I’m thinking a Celtic-style maple leaf.


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