Some Great Links

Instead of blessing you with another amazing blog entry, I’d like to point you toward a few wonderful posts that have been written in the last few days around the blogosphere.

From time to time I rant about what I loathe about academia – but I’ve never written it all down in one place.

Ambivalent Academic recently posted an absolutely spot-on summary of what is wrong with academia today. So, grab a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to go into the head of what most grad students are thinking.

An excellent post, which demonstrates one of the topics that AA discusses, was written by Jenn, PhD over at Life as I know it…, where she describes a situation with her PI.

For a more positive spin on academia, see AA’s “Part 1” of the saga.

I recently blogged about the downward spiral of undergraduate student attitude when it comes to academia. FSP wrote another great post about entitlement.

Finally, for a little laugh (if you’re a geek like me), check out P’Dizzle’s latest post.

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  1. thanks for the shoutout! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the link! I’ve been trying to find time all day to read AA’s post… I think I’ll grab that coffee you suggest and take a trip over there


  3. Those were some really great links, and they do a good job of summing up why I am now on a totally different path. When I was working in the lab as an undergrad, I thought it was the coolest thing but as a grad, when it got more serious and I was more immersed in the whole culture of academia, the rose-coloured glasses came off. The perform/conform thing and the elitism thing bugged me the most, I think. Especially the elitism, but mostly in terms of the cliquey behaviour at conferences and the whole “my research is better than yours” attitude (that was so apparent at ACM, and not just based on my own personal experience with that). This reminded me of how you asked me at ACM why I didn’t tell everyone that I wanted to teach high school after my degree. I had a hard time articulating it then but I think that pressure and the elitism was why. I felt like I would be looked down on and my research would be easily dismissed because I would be perceived as not being serious about my work or being the hard-core researcher that some of those people are. And especially being a woman surrounded by so many men, I really didn’t want to be thought of as “the chick who couldn’t hack it”. It was a self-preservation, face-saving thing. And I have to confess that I kind of regret that now. I feel like I should have sucked it up and owned my choices because they were MY choices about MY life and MY happiness that I had every right to make regardless of their opinions. But that environment didn’t make me feel like I could do that. I know there were things that I could have done differently along the way that would have made it better, probably, but it is what it is and it was certainly a good learning experience…in a lot of ways.


  4. <>I really didn’t want to be thought of as “the chick who couldn’t hack it”.<>I totally get that. It’s so annoying that if we don’t go on in academia then it looks like we’re not good enough. It’s even worse being a women, because then it becomes “oh, <>she<> can’t handle it”. Grr.I think what bothers me the most is that some people just can’t fathom that we <>choose<> to not go into academia – or in my case, choose to “follow” my husband wherever he gets a job, or choose to have kids instead of focusing solely on my career. Like this is a weakness of mine, or that he’s forcing me to do it. It’s offensive to me (that I can’t make my own choices), to DH (that he would force me to do something) and to our relationship!! One specific comment I got really has stuck with me and it is one of the reasons I hate academia so much. I might do a post about it sometime.


  5. Dear Mrs. Comet-Hunter,Thanks for starting to read my blog! You will find that most of it is not very science-y and most of it consists of complaining about the stupid things I do. Not to scare you away or anything – just to say if you need clarification on anything, just send me a message! -x-ine


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