Sick :S

I came down with something on Friday and I’ve been practically bed-ridden ever since. It took all my strength yesterday to go get groceries. I think it’s a flu of some sort – I’ve been feeling achy, tired, and just unable to eat much. Hopefully I’ll get better soon.

One nice thing about being sick is that I can do absolutely nothing and it’s okay. I didn’t have to go out this weekend. I just stayed at home, napped, read, hung out with DH and the cats, and watched TV.

Yet, even though I’m in no form to go into work today, I feel guilty about not being there and not getting anything done. So much so, that I’m considering working on a conference abstract or reading papers so I don’t feel like I’m “wasting” the day.

How stupid is that? I mean, really, I shouldn’t feel bad about wanting to feel better. If I let myself rest, then I’ll recover way faster than if I don’t.

Sometimes I wish I could be a cat for a day:

Figure 1: Our cats, Izzie and Isaac, clearly not feeling guilty about doing nothing.

Comments on: "Sick :S" (4)

  1. awww, feel better soon!!! i know what you mean about pets…sometimes I look at my dog and think, what do you DO all day?! what a perfect life she has!but you know, cats and dogs don’t get to do science :).rest well and feel better!


  2. Aww! Seems like everyone has got the flu this winter. Stupid winter. I am SO done with it. Get well soon … and don’t feel guilty about not working … I never do. Heh.


  3. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well 😦 The only time I allow myself to buy a tub of ice cream is when I have the flu (it’s my 3rd addiction/vice after doritos and chocolate). My advice is that you indulge yourself and make the most of the time on the couch.


  4. Thanks everyone – still feelin’ pretty awful today, so yet another day at home (although I’ve been doing <>some<> work today).


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