Here are the books I ordered a couple weeks ago – I’m so excited to read all of them! Hmm…where to start?


Comments on: "Mmmm….books" (5)

  1. You should start with A Wrinkle in Time, of course!


  2. ohhhh, the chronicles of narnia! i could read those over and over and over again.


  3. Ooooh! These look so good! I meant to tell you that the last stack you posted pictures of looked really interesting too. I LOVE the Narnia series. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is my favourite but they are all good. The Lovely Bones is beautiful but also sad, so if you start with that, make sure you’re in the mood for it. I also bought the Friday Night Nitting Club recently, Books Plus had it for cheap when I was getting a text book…haven’t read it yet, though, so don’t know what it’s like.


  4. Ok, I originally wrote Friday Knight Nitting and realized my mistake, but it looks like I only fixed it halfway. Oops :p


  5. I’ve never got around to reading the Wrinkle in time and associated books… let me know how they are! I’ve only read part of the Narnia Chronicles too… but at least I can vouch for the bottom two in your stack. Great reads (I’m almost finished Mama, PhD, but had to put reading on the back burner the last few weeks)…Hooray for a whole stack of new books 🙂


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