Doin’ the Happy Dance!

As of about 20 minutes ago, I have finished the analysis for project #3 — which means all of my analysis for my thesis is done! I am so happy! I never thought I would reach this point!

The best part is, if you’re keeping track of my thesis schedule over in the sidebar –> I’m finished 15 days earlier than scheduled!

So, since I have some time, I’m going to try another analysis technique just for shits and giggles. If it works, I don’t even have to do it on all the data – just a couple test objects – to discuss it in my thesis.

I’m also going to start writing the remaining chapters of my thesis. I’ve decided to split my introduction into two chapters: historical/background stuff and observation/analysis techniques. The first of those is almost all written. So, I have the techniques chapter, the chapter on project #3, and of course the conclusions/future work chapter to write.

I have given myself until July 31st to submit, but I’m hoping I can finish early! Woohoo!!!


Comments on: "Doin’ the Happy Dance!" (4)

  1. Hooray! That must feel SO good!


  2. WHOOO!!!


  3. That’s fantastic, congratulations!


  4. It did feel good – until I realized that something screwed up and I have to do part of it over again :S

    Now I feel like a complete idiot! LOL Back to it I guess.


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