DH goes to Hawaii

DH left early this morning (so early, I told him to take a cab!) to go to Hawaii for a conference. Is it sad that I miss him already?

We’ve been looking at this conference as sort of the beginning-of-the-end of our time here. He will try to make some industry contacts while there, and will start looking for jobs once he returns.

So, with him gone I have the place to myself for over a week. What to do? I will definitely go clothes/shoe shopping, because it’s much easier without DH in tow! I desperately need new sandals and some summer pants/tops, especially now that it’s finally getting warm!

I also plan to get a lot of reading done and catch up on girlie movies – any suggestions?

Sadly, I will also be working a lot because I want to redo this analysis as quickly as I can. I’m about 40% done, so I hope I can finish up early next week. Then I can try another analysis technique and start doing some serious thesis writing. I also need to create a presentation for my astronomy outreach program (next week is the last week for the semester…and forever for me!).

For those of you with a live-in SO/kids/etc. what do you do when you suddenly have the place to yourself?


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  1. Girlie movies, junk food, and listening to the music that he doesn’t like. Taking up the WHOLE bed when you sleep is also highly recommended.

    I also have sentiments about Hawaii – if things had gone according to the original plan, once upon a time ago, DH would also be headed to Hawaii, and I would hopefully have been joining him, instead of packing up to move.

    Good luck with the analysis! I’m sure you’ll kick it’s ass again πŸ™‚


  2. watch movies all night while drinking drinks and eating all the snackfood in the world πŸ™‚ Sleeping on the diagonal i nthe bed is a lovely one too …. [i think it is called “woho i’m like a teenager again and I can walk around half dressed with a facial mask and noone will see me” not to mention that sometimes it is easier to burp and make sound without having to worry about other people ^^]

    Enjoy the alone time!! And good luck wuith the analysis!!


  3. Ah, yes – diagonal sleeping! Check!


  4. I usually have a “Friends” marathon

    You could watch the hockey… better luck in your next few games!


  5. You know what’s bad, Cath? I don’t even get to watch my beloved Flames play because, out here in the East, we apparently want to watch the Habs (who play at the same time as Calgary).

    Oh, well – at least I get to watch my Penguins (my second favorite team).


  6. When Husband and I were actually living together, whenever he was away, I would always make dinner with food that he hated (and therefore, we never had normally).


  7. Recently MR. Phizz was gone for almost a week and I left town to NearbyBigCity where lots of friends live and spent several days away. I also stayed up super late to watch stupid movies and ate craploads of food :). I’m not sure that’s recommended though.

    In terms of girly movies – BRIDGET JONES DIARY. :):) Love that one.


  8. Definitely sleeping diagonally! When Jason has to get up first, as soon as he’s out of bed I’ve taken up his side. I also crank the music he doesn’t like and make meals he doesn’t like.

    One thing I don’t see mentioned here but that I do is clean the kitchen. Sad, I know, but he’s guy so his standards of “clean” and mine are different, especially for kitchens and bathrooms. When he’s gone, that’s my chance to get in there and do it right πŸ™‚

    I tend to watch more girlie tv without him than movies – Gilmore Girls dvds, HGTV, and food network shows.

    Ok, now you’ve got me kind of wishing he’d go somewhere for a week too, LOL.


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