I suck so bad…

…that I didn’t even get a travel grant to the upcoming conference in South America. They give those damn things out like candy. Yup. I’m just that shitty.

I wonder if my abstracts will even be accepted? That would royally suck.

Comments on: "I suck so bad…" (4)

  1. You should probably append the “like candy” sentence with “when times are good.”

    I’m guessing the number of grants is super limited these days….

    Chip up girl. You don’t suck so bad. At all.


  2. I agree with PhizzleDizzle. Things are not what they used to be. You are doing great.


  3. Anonymous said:

    I know some very good people that didn’t get one – don’t take it too badly! My guess is that demand is a lot higher this time around (everyone wants to go to Rio and everyone’s facing budget cuts). I’m sure you are great!


  4. Thanks everyone! I just thought these sort of things were a given, but I guess not.

    Anon – that’s good to know I’m not the only one that didn’t get one! Thanks for the perspective.


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