DH is home…

…and he comes bearing gifts!

He first pulls out this beauty:

Fig. 1: Men and their coconuts, eh?

Yup, he’s one with the good sense of humor!

Of course, that apparently was the funny gift, because he then pulled out a blue box – and I’m not talking about recycling (you girls know what I’m talkin’ about):

Fig. 2: Ah, that sought-after little blue box.

Oh, he’s a good one, isn’t he? This is the second conference in two years that he’s come back with jewelry. I told him he’s setting a precedent and he better be prepared to keep it up 😉

It’s nice having him home, even if I don’t get the whole bed to myself.


Comments on: "DH is home…" (10)

  1. HA!! That shirt is hysterical!

    And the other gift… not bad!! Can I give your husband my husband’s email address? The should talk for sure.


  2. wow, you made me a jealous girl over here. I want a blue box too 😉 I second Becca’s request, maybe DH can have a little chat with my significant other……. I’ll keep dreaming…


  3. aww…. what a catch 🙂 DH and I started collecting shot glasses from conference locales… but I think we started to forget (and run out of space). Jewelery would be nice though!


  4. wow! thoughtful DH! I don’t think Mr. Phizz ever thinks to bear gifts when he comes home from anything.


  5. I love that shirt! Too funny!

    The blue box gift is awesome. What a thoughtful guy!


  6. What’s funny is that he’s not really a romantic guy. But, once in a while he pulls something out of his…sleeve…and does really well! 😉


  7. The t-shirt is totally the kind of thing that Mr E Man would bring me! (plus chocolate). He’s not confident enough to buy jewellry though. He and his BFF spent weeks looking for an engagement ring for me before he gave up and proposed without one. He said he’d never in a million years have thought to buy the one that I eventually chose!

    p.s. not looking too great for the Flames 😦


  8. Cath – DH needed a bit of guidance with the engagement ring, but he did really well in the end 🙂 He’s now getting more confident with it.

    As for the Flames – I just hope they show up for the game tonight at least! Gah!


  9. Nice gifts, particularly gift #2. Well done, DH, well done.


  10. Those are awesome gifts! My DH loved the shirt, but has no clue what the big deal is about a little blue box. *sigh*


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