Bye Bye Flames

So, perhaps not surprisingly, given their track record over the last few seasons, the Flames are out of the playoffs in the first round. Although, they didn’t fare too badly considering they barely showed up for the majority of the games!

No, this does not mean I start cheering for the Canucks – only if they reach the finals and they’re not playing my beloved Penguins!

Bye bye Flames – at least you get a head start on the greens.


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  1. I think my Habs and your Flames will be meeting each other on the greens. SIGH.

    In the meantime … I’d cheer for the Canucks because I like Luongo (and he’s a Montrealer… no bias there. Heh), but I have a feeling that Chicago is gonna burn them (and me in my playoff pool again).


  2. It’s a shame, I’d rather have seen a Canucks-Flames series, but hey, I think we can take Chicago! We destroyed them in our last meeting of the regular season, and we’ve had more time off to recover.

    I hope you change your mind and start cheering for the good guys! 😉


  3. We were mourning last night as well!


  4. I was hoping for a flames/canucks series too, but oh well. We are in the playoffs so you have to cheer us now! what other canadian team is in???


  5. Wow – give it up SM! LOL I’m not cheering for the Canucks unless they make it to the <>finals<> and even then, only if they’re not playing the Penguins! 😀

    Plus, if I were use “Canadian” as a guideline, I’d cheer for the team that actually has the most Canadians on their roster…in that case it’d be Boston (with 15).


  6. you’re such a hater, You’ll go for any excuse to not cheer us on. I have loved the penguins since I was little (I love mario) but even then I would cheer my HOMEcity and country!


  7. First, I sincerely hope you’re joking or I’d be thoroughly offended!

    Second, hockey goes WAY past country loyalty for me 🙂 Just to give you an idea why: three of my ex’s are Canuck’s fans!


  8. OK, that makes things a bit more understandable!

    (Verification word is “hostaces”. Just like the Canucks last night. Fnar fnar.)


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