Thesis Update

I read over Chapter 3 again this morning, made a few small changes, and gave it to my supervisor. He looked surprised. I was even more surprised to come back from an afternoon talk to see that he had read it and made comments. The great thing is that it doesn’t require a lot of work and I should be able to get another draft off soon.

I was working on the introduction chapter today – most of it was written already, but I had left the hardest/most annoying part for last. Initially I had thought I should put the observational techniques in a separate chapter. However, after working on the intro stuff, it might make more sense to put the observational crap in that chapter too. I think it would flow better – instead of me saying “here’s a bunch of info, see the next chapter for how we deal with it”, I could just say “here’s what’s interesting and here’s how we look at it”.

That means my thesis will be five chapters instead of six. It’s the same amount of writing, but it seems like less now! Here’s my progress so far:

Chapter 1: mostly written; just need to do composition stuff and observing techniques
Chapter 2: project #3 – first draft done and I have received comments back
Chapter 3: project #2 – this will be the paper that I submitted recently (so it has already been written)
Chapter 4: project #1 – this will be paper #1 that has been accepted (so it’s written too)
Chapter 5: conclusions/future work (this will not take very long)

So, you can see why it might not take me three months to write the thesis. I am seriously contemplating defending before we leave for South America. In order to do this, I would need to submit my thesis the week of June 8th. That gives me five weeks to write the rest of chapter 1, revise chapter 2 and write chapter 5. I’m going to talk to my supervisor about this plan on Wednesday at our weekly meeting to see what he thinks.


Comments on: "Thesis Update" (4)

  1. yeah for progress!!! Hope the chat with your supervisor goes well


  2. look at your bad self, having written so much. keep kicking ass!!


  3. You’re doing great!!!


  4. Annie Rice said:

    So, what happened to your thesis, Alyssa? I do hope everything went well with it. Looking at your outline, the thesis ideas look great. I just hope that you haven’t encountered any trouble along the way. I think It be a good idea have a break and refresh the mind every once in a while.


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