News and Notes

It seems there are a lot of little things I want to write about, so point form it is!

  • I finished the first draft of the intro chapter! I read it last night, and I can certainly tell that I wrote the first part two months ago. That’s okay though – I have the rest of the week to edit it before I give it to my supervisor.
  • The bulk content (i.e., not including title page, abstract, apendices, etc.) of my thesis is sitting at 90 pages right now. That’s short. I do plan on adding to the intro chapter, will add a few more figures to my second chapter, and I still have the conclusions/future work chapter to write. Hopefully that will add about 20 pages. Is there such a thing as a thesis that is too short?

    The problem is the two papers I wrote are pretty short – there was a lot of work involved, but it kind of looks like there wasn’t based on the length. Maybe I’ll read the science chapters and see if I can add more info or images to make it more complete.

  • One of the staff members in the department lost their job this week. I guess the university is really being serious about cutting a certain percentage of their budget by getting rid of people. It’s a sad thing.
  • I already told you that my science abstract was accepted for a talk. Well, I also got word that my outreach abstract was also accepted for a poster (which I asked for because then it can be used at other conferences). That adds two more things I need to do before the end of July!
  • Next week I start a teaching workshop. It’s only a couple afternoons a week for 2.5 weeks, so not a huge time commitment. Hopefully it won’t require too much reading or anything, otherwise I might have to drop it if it starts to interfer with my thesis progress.
  • DH submitted his first real job applicaiton this week!
  • Just one more week of the exercise study left! I started off working out at a mininum of 130 bpm (and thought that was hard) and now I consistantly work out at 150 bpm or more! So, my cardio has definitely imporved over the last 7 weeks!
  • I miss reading my books – I still have a huge stack of them, but unfortunately I think that hobby will have to be put on hold for at least the next month.

Comments on: "News and Notes" (5)

  1. Your thesis is not too short!

    Congrats on getting the poster presentation!


  2. If you disregard the abstract, acknowledgements, lists of figures/tables/contents and the bibliography, my entire PhD thesis clocked in at 78 pages, double-spaced. That included one published lit review and four published studies as well as the conclusion. Writing succinctly is a virtue and the PhD thesis is all about quality not quantity. Don’t stress about it.


  3. You’re both right – as long as everything is there, it doesn’t matter how long it is. I guess I just freaked out a bit because my masters thesis was 150 pages, and a thesis that I’ve read recently on a similar topic to mine was…get this…350 pages!!! Damn. That did include a rather lengthy appendix, but the body of the thesis was still over 200 pages.


  4. A friend of mine once observed that in his experience, the best theses are the shortest :). Conciseness is a virtue!

    Bullet points are extremely effective! Easy to read and now we’re totally updated! Good you cleared the air with rude dude.


  5. Marisol Higdon said:

    So, did you do all of the things you wanted to do in your note? I think working on your thesis was the most priorities one. And it would be a great help with thesis to have a break every once in a while so that you can refresh your mind. Anyway, keep me posted!


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