Serious Crush

I have a serious crush on the guy in white:

Fig. 1: Object of Mrs. CH’s massive crush (from EB’s blog)

Yes, I realize he’s about 10 years younger than me, but I practically swoon for any guy that has serious mastery of a sport (one of the reasons I developed a huge crush on DH too – for his mad soccer skilz!).

Did you see how much he kicked ass last night? I mean, I know the whole team played well, but I think it was all due to him. He is just such a complete player – very much like Gretzky.

I’m so happy my Penguins are going to the next round!! Go Penguins!!!

Comments on: "Serious Crush" (3)

  1. Penguins??!!! BOO!!! 😛


  2. I’m still too upset to think about hockey 😦


  3. I have the same tendency, but Sidney Crosby will forever be tainted for me. He looks almost exactly like my ex’s younger brother. Oh well, there are plenty of others to choose from in the NHL 😉

    There’s also the English soccer leagues. I used to have a massive crush on Michael Owen when he played for Liverpool. He was amazing on the English team during the ’98 World Cup.

    Considering that I do tend to like the athletes, it’s kind of funny that I’m marrying a guy who is not that athletic!


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