5 Days Early

I submitted my thesis today! It’s a crazy feeling…it feels amazing to have it done, but it was very anticlimactic when I took it over to grad studies. I got the response of “Okay, thanks” – and I’m standing there thinking ‘is that it??’ haha!!

Anyway, I’m happy I was able to submit it early, especially since I have a conference to attend starting tomorrow (it’s here in town for one of my outreach programs, so won’t be too intensive). It’d be nice to take a couple days off, but that’s not an option right now 😛 I will at least be able to sleep in tomorrow, and I’m getting a much needed hair cut & style before heading to the conference.

So, six and a half weeks to study up for the defense…then it’ll be done!


Comments on: "5 Days Early" (14)

  1. SWEEEEEEET! Congrats. You're almost there 🙂


  2. Congrats!! I'm so happy for you!

    The initial submission was a little underwhelming for me too (especially since MSc. submission is just emailing it to the examiners :P). The final submission to get it printed is awesome though! When the woman there says “congratulations, you're officially done at University X!”, you'll want to do back flips out the door!


  3. OMG, that's so great! Congrats!!!!!
    Soooo close now! 🙂


  4. Fantastic!!! That's a huge milestone. Enjoy sleeping in. You have earned it.


  5. Congrats! That is soooo nice 🙂

    Good luck with studying and taking this weekend off and just enjoying (or so I hope!!!)


  6. Congratulations on this huge milestone!!


  7. i am so so so proud of you!!!! you are aMAZING!!!! i can't believe you did that so fast! when you want something done, ask MCH!!!


  8. Woo hoo! Congratulations!

    I had the exact same experience as you when I handed in my thesis – they told me to “put it on that pile by the door”. I asked if I could get some kind of receipt and they looked at me like I'd asked for a giraffe egg. When I handed in the final, hard bound, corrected version, I did get a “congratulations”, but that was it. Soulless administrative f*ckers.


  9. I had to ask for a receipt of my soft-bound thesis (ie the examiners copy) and refused to leave until I got one – I needed it for my US visa application. They eventually typed up a crappy letter for me but it did the trick.


  10. Congrats again! I had to submit mine to our grad secretary, who wasn't even in when I put it on her desk so at least you got some acknowledgment 😉 The final submission to get it bound is much better, both grad studies and the graphics people actually congratulate you then. Kind of crappy though, it's much more satisfying to hand it in the first time!


  11. Congrats! Good luck with the studying!


  12. WHOO! Congrats, MCH! 🙂


  13. wicked! that is so exciting. you're almost done!


  14. Best of luck along with learning as well as getting this particular weekend break away and taking pleasure in.

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