Outreach Conference

Today is the last day of the outreach conference (well, it’s on tomorrow too, but I’m not going). It’s been interesting, but again (like always happens with these conferences) I just feel so overwhelmed, and my stomach is in knots about going back today. In fact, I’m up before 6am because I just can’t sleep.

Yesterday I figured out why I get so anxious at these conferences – although I had an inkling all along: I am way more introverted than the majority of people there.

We all took this work profile test, and it gives you a “mark” on a scale of 30 for four work/personality traits. These are introvert/extrovert, structured/flexible, creative/practical, and analytical/beliefs.

In general, there is about a 2:1 ratio of extroverts to introverts, which was the case at the conference. What was interesting though, is a lot of people were on the extreme end of the extrovert scale (i.e., scores of 15 and above). My score was 18…on the introvert side. Only one person (out of about 50) was more introverted than me at 22. The next most introverted had scores of 11/12.

Interestingly, people were really surprised that I was that much of an introvert. Mostly because I can speak to people well, I share my opinions, etc.. It really bothers me that there is a stigma that introverts are social idiots who are shy and scared of people. That’s just not the case! It’s just that it takes energy for us to interact with people…while that gives energy to extroverts. They feed off of it, while introverts feed off of alone time.

So, I really started to understand why this conference in particular grates on me like nails on a chalkboard. Seriously. These people just keep talking and talking and talking and talking. They also love being in big groups, and end up going everywhere together…and talking. It wears me down so quickly that I end up opting out of dinner plans because I just cannot handle it anymore.

I am dreading going back today.


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  1. Oh yes, I definitely agree – I'm another one of those APPARENTLY extravert people who isn't really. In fact, I hide it so well that the person running the course where I did a test like this asked me to do another test as she thought it must be wrong, and most of my colleagues laughed a LOT at my results.

    The tester said it's a measure of where you get your energy, your resources, from. If you get your energy from people, you're extravert, and if from solo time, your'e an intravert. She said there was one simple question: when you've had a bad week at work, do you want to round up your mates for drinks (at home, at the pub, wherever – E) or do you long to be alone (I)? It's all about apcing – I am enjoying the fact that as I get older I feel less like I SHOULD always take up invitations to social stuff at conferences, and have got a lot better at skipping out here and there for some peace, which keeps me sane(r)


  2. yep, that is something that annoys me to “but you are so extropverted and social and talk to people”…. yeahh…. but I so need that alone time to recharge batteries. If you look at my general Saturday night I am so happy to be home alone and just rest šŸ˜‰

    I have been told so many times that people think the test is wrong (or I misunderstood it) since I can mingle and like it… as you said, they don't ness. get that it costs energy and that I have to recooperate afterwards.
    (not to mention that I usually think way too much about what I said and done etc…)

    that said, I wish you a happy rest of the conference!!


  3. Can you beat 100% introvert score in the Jung test?

    Don't take this shit too seriously. It's very much a cultural thing. I just moved to Sweden some months ago, I'm pretty damned sure the whole Swedish Nation scores 110% introvert šŸ˜‰


  4. Nice!! I'm a big fan of being an introvert now. If you've never read it, I highly suggest The Introvert Advantage šŸ™‚


  5. Ah no, I think I'll skip that. I might risk becoming an arrogant introvert šŸ˜‰


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