I give up!

I had all these plans to keep going into work from 9am-5pm everyday until my defense, and just work on multiple things. Well, I basically finished all those extra things (mostly the outreach stuff) by the middle of last week and I’ve been doing a lot of thumb-twiddling lately.

I went into work yesterday morning and was so bored by noon, I just ate lunch with DH and went home. I’ve decided I’m going to take the rest of the week off, enjoy the great weather we are having, and then start a study schedule next week. I may also do some work on my presentation and final project for the education workshop here and there.

In other news, DH and I are feeling really terrible about ourselves. We wasted away the whole weekend (of beautiful weather, I might add) and eating like crap. For some reason we are finding it hard to get out of that lowest energy state – it takes a lot of energy/motivation to do anything these days.

Unfortunately, it’s starting to show. I put on some shorts I bought last summer, and they are t-i-g-h-t. DH is having some similar issues. So, we really need to get our butts in gear and be more active, but we’ve tried this kind of thing in the past and we suck at it. We tend to get in a negative feedback loop: if one person doesn’t want to go to the gym, then the other won’t, etc..

What do you do to motivate yourself to get active? What kind of active things do you do? Any suggestions or ideas are welcome!!


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  1. For me, being/staying active is all about getting into a routine. The hardest part is getting out the door during the first week or two but if you then make it part of your everyday schedule it doesn't become a chore or something that “has to be done.” I'm still struggling to get back into a regular exercise habit after my recent enforced layoff so I feel your pain.


  2. I find that I don't exercise regularly unless I bike commute. I'm not sure if that's an option for you.

    Another way to get in some exercise is to do fun active things together. Some ideas are rollerskating or ice-skating, hiking, kayaking or canoeing, biking, or dancing.

    You could also join a group so that you're obligated to be active: martial arts, rowing club, etc.

    Another option, which I've used to great effect, is to get a dog :). Then you have someone who needs walks some form of more active exercise (jogging or biking with the dog running, or playing at the park).


  3. Mr E Man has a very physical job, and the last thing he wants to do on his (occasional) weekends off is to go cycling or hiking or whatever. He will go kayaking, but only if he gets a full 2 days off first. (He's had 2 single days off in the last MONTH, just for reference). This can be frustrating, and it does tend to make me less active too.

    When he's less busy at work, something fun and competitive like pitch'n'putt golf is a good idea – if he doesn't want to go I'll say “ooooh, scared I'm gonna beat you?” and away we go (I've never, ever, beaten him BTW). It's much more likely to get him out of the house than a hike!

    Going to the beach or a lake for a swim also works better than proposing something that sounds more like pure exercise. And in the winter, I use the allure of the jacuzzi to get him to the pool!


  4. I'm with PiT here. Routine. I am bad the first week or so and then it is just like brushing teeth. THen when I fall off the wagon I have to slap myself into shape and go back to the first week or routine again.

    That said, if I was not working I would go on a walk/run every second morning – to start the day. (if you decide the night before, lay out clothes and then just go when the alarm goes off. don't think before, just force to do it. It is nice afterwards. And you'd feel proud and next time is easier.) Why that works for me? I am so not a morning person so I don't really think, I just do in the morning… 😉

    Good luck and wish you luck with it! Stresswise it will help you.


  5. It's funny that the general consensus is to make it a routine, because I'm totally great at that part…for the first 2-3 weeks. Then I usually just die out. Not sure why. I guess I'm really keen at the beginning, because I just feel like crap and want to feel better…but once I feel better I just fall off the tracks :S

    Any advice for how to keep going?


  6. That's exactly why I'm saying make it part of your everyday routine. Put it in your diary/calendar and make the effort to stick to your plan. Making plans to exercise with other people on a regular basis can also help – depending on what your interests are, check out your local clubs and go to their regular weekly run/rides/whatever. I used to run every Tuesday night with the local track club and if I missed a week one of my running buddies would email or call to see if I was ok! Being able to meet new people that I could laugh and giggle with during the runs helped make me get there every week.


  7. Thanks PiT – it would probably be better if someone held me accountable, that's for sure! I'm a bit scared of the group thing because of a few reasons, but maybe I can find a workout partner…or at least start going to regular classes at my gym where other people will notice if I'm not there.

    I agree on the scheduling thing. A few years ago I used to do a class every day at a certain time. Perhaps I just need to pick a few during the week and put it in my daytimer!


  8. Right now, the wedding and honeymoon are motivating us to get active. We're going to be doing a lot of walking/hiking on our trip so we've been trying to do more walking around the neighbourhood and doing photowalks. Photowalks are great because stopping to take pictures along the way distracts you from the fact that you've been walking for 2 hours straight 🙂 We've really been loving the dance lessons too.

    I tend to get stuck in the same ruts so I'm not going to be too much help on this one…I do yoga sometimes using videos I have at home, but I don't stick to that like I should either. I think classes are a good idea, where you have to go somewhere and people will notice you missing. And for me, at least, if the classes are ones you have to pay for, it's even better because missing them = wasted money.


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