Official Freak Out #1

I was doing so, so well with not being nervous about my defense since submitting my thesis. I have been relaxed, calm, and even excited from time to time about it all.

Then yesterday, I finished making my presentation. Then I started thinking about all the questions people might ask after the talk because there’s so much I can’t put into it. Then I started thinking about all the questions my examiners might ask. Then I started to cry.

Holy crap. 9 more days…9 more days…(then I promise I will write about something else!).

In other news: I very might well buy a bikini for the first time in my life today. Maybe.


Comments on: "Official Freak Out #1" (4)

  1. Write down every single question you think you might be asked and make sure you know how to respond. Ask your mentor and peers to critique your presentation and to come up with any/all questions. Know your examiners interests and be prepared for questions about your work that could be applied to their own areas.

    The examiners will want to see if you can think on your feet so don't freak out if you get asked a question for which you don't know the answer – examiners like to see candidates who can apply your knowledge so admit what you don't know but be prepared to discuss stuff based on what you do know.

    I'm sure you'll do fine 🙂


  2. Thanks PiT! Two weeks ago I read through my thesis and wrote down everything I could think of that they might ask me. This week I wrote down answers to all those questions, so that next week I'll just review them over and over.

    My external examiner actually emailed me this week with compliments on my thesis, and a few questions…that definitely helps!

    The good thing is I'm not worried about giving the talk. So I feel I'm at least ahead of the game in that respect.

    I just feel like no matter how much I prepare I'll still freak out – so I'm just going to embrace it! LOL


  3. Hang in there! The uncertainty of this stage is SO difficult. It sounds like you are doing a great job preparing!


  4. you are doing so awesomely MCH…keep it up and stay calm – you can DO IT!!!!!


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