Defying Gravity?

As I was watching So You Think You Can Dance tonight, I saw a preview for a new TV show: Defying Gravity.

Umm….apparently it’s like Grey’s Anatomy…but…in space. Yup. Sexy. Who thought this was a good idea?

What’s worse is that it’s going to end up being a hit. Even worse…I’ll probably end up watching it.


Comments on: "Defying Gravity?" (4)

  1. Bahaha. So let me get this straight – this show is about surgeons in space? Or is it just gonna be a lot of sex/sex talk with the occasional life-threatening event related to being in space thrown in? … Like a sexy version of Star Trek?


  2. LOL Kind of – it seems like it's about astronauts, but with a lot of sex/sex talk. The previews showed a lot of nakedness 😛

    Apparently, it's from the creators of Grey's, and they're advertising it as such.

    Should be hilarious!


  3. Ha! I saw a trailer for this online the other day and my reaction was pretty much “WTF?” My money is on this show sucking, big time, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't check it out a time or ten 😉


  4. seems like a dumbed down, sexed up pseudo Red planet. Not even close to star trek,


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