Alright, so I have made two web albums of our trip to South America. Since I’m still blogging pseudonymously, I won’t post the links here. BUT, if you’re interested in seeing them and promise not to share the links with anyone without asking me (and not “out” me in any other way), send me an email and I’ll send the links!

Here’s a few to wet your appetite:

Sunrise in the Amazon

Dancers in a samba show – Rio.

View of our tropical island tour boat.

Machu Picchu – after a 4 day hike.

This might not be a problem for long, as I am really wanting to “come out” and blog under my real name. Any advice on that front? If I do that, should I start a new blog, or just continue with this one? I don’t think I’ve written anything controversial enough for it to matter, but I’m not sure!


Comments on: "Photos" (3)

  1. Beautiful pics, MCH! I'd love to see more, and I promise I won't out you (I'll be sending an email shortly)


  2. Wow, amazing photos!

    I'm personally in favour of real-name blogging (I know, big surprise!). It comes with different limitations to pseudonymous blogging, but limitations nonetheless – you're no longer worried about accidentally revealing your identity, but you do have to think about who might be reading your blog. My own rule is not to write anything I wouldn't want my colleagues to read!

    I have other thoughts too… I'll email you later


  3. Hi MCH,
    I've been wondering whether to blog under my real name as well. I've also been wondering whether I should just go ahead and name the unique graduate program that I am in. By blogging anonymously I feel restricted from writing what I really want to write about the program because I can't really describe it without giving it away.

    It's a tough decision. If you go to real-name blogging, perhaps I will too or I might wait until I graduate in December.


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