The September Scientiae is hosted by Academic over at Journeys of an Academic. The theme of the month is Inspiration or Desperation? Invariably, the semester start brings a time to reflect positively or sarcastically.
The start of the September semester has been the worst time of the year since I started graduate school. There goes the quiet hallways, the short lines at the coffee shops, and the good parking spots.
Funny enough, when I was in grade school I always looked forward to the first day of school. I especially enjoyed back-to-school shopping. Our family of four would pile in the car and drive down to the USA (back when the $CAD was good) and buy our back-to-school clothes, bags, and supplies. I loved picking out my new pencil box (remember the cardboard ones with funky designs?) and getting a new set of those smelly Mr. Sketch markers (the light blue was my favorite!).
The past few years back-to-school hasn’t been so enjoyable – although I usually manage to get in some back-to-school clothes shopping. Perhaps this September will be different, considering this is the first September since 1985 that I haven’t actually been going back to school. I just happen to work at one. It will be strange in a way – not prepping for classes or outreach. All I have to do is research.
That’s the only thing on my plate? Hmm. Weird. I don’t even know what to say about that besides….HALLELUJAH!!!

Comments on: "The Least Wonderful Time of the Year" (4)

  1. It is weird, isn't it? It's the first time since 1987 or 88, I think, for me. And it's funny because even though I'm trying to get a job that will take back to school (mercifully on the OTHER side of the teacher's desk), a part of me is a little disappointed that this freedom won't last!


  2. I used to love going back to school when I was a kid, too. I loved getting the new school supplies and new clothes.


  3. New shoes!

    We had metal pencil tins, I remember that my favourite one had frogs on it.

    I did my PhD and postdoc in two separate research institutes with no undergrad students around, other than in lab placements. I highly recommend it!


  4. I hated going back to school, because I hated having to obey teachers and the grief I got for never obeying.


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