Today has not been a good day. It began with some not-so-happy personal news. Then I took my car in to get a clunking sound checked into, and now it’s going to cost me $1600 (after having to replace the front struts, tires, and breaks). Still no news on other things we are waiting on – which is getting oh-so-frustrating. I’m feeling very down and just blah right now.

Tomorrow I head to Winnipeg, where I did my MSc. I’m going to be working with my MSc supervisor on my 2nd paper from that degree, which has been 4 years in the making already. Hopefully we can get it in decent enough shape to submit soon.

I’m looking forward to going away – getting away from everything that’s (not) going on right now. It will also be nice to see some good friends, and get a change of scenery. Maybe by the time I get back, some things will have progressed.


Comments on: "Sigh" (3)

  1. Sorry to hear that your week is sucking so far. I hope it picks up.


  2. Yuck! Sorry to hear about the rough time. I hope your trip is enjoyable and productive!


  3. I hope things get better soon and you get the news you've been waiting for.

    Have a good trip!


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