Quick Note

Being at my MSc university has definitely made me reflect on my time as a graduate student, and how my MSc and PhD experiences were different. I also am starting to remember what I miss, and what I don’t miss, about life here. It’s amazing how your brain just puts thing away until you need them again.

I’ve been getting some decent work done on my MSc paper #2 – getting back into it wasn’t as hard as I thought. I stumbled around for the first day, but now I think I have the hang of things.

Tomorrow I give my colloquium, and then back home to DH on Saturday! Will write more once I return home.

PS: After spending $1600 to fix my car, it didn’t start the next morning! Woohoo!!


Comments on: "Quick Note" (2)

  1. the car thing just sucks. I am so sorry! Hope it will b solved and those people who fixes cars can fix it! (for no more money)

    and I get reminded that I am in need of bringing my car to the shop for a repair about $600… hope that goes well….


  2. for no more money

    Ha! No such luck – they charged us about $300 to tow the car back to the garage, and to replace the battery (and labour of course).

    I hope you have better luck when you take your car in!


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