I keep seeing this advertisement on TV for Airmiles: you can collect extra points if you buy environmentally friendly products.

Is it just me, or is that a bit contradictory? I mean, buying “green” products is great, and incentives should be given for doing so, but getting points to fly in a big-ass airplane? Did they not think this through?


Comments on: "What’s Wrong With This Picture?" (3)

  1. Hmmm, are they airmiles with a specific airline, or the generic kind that you can spend on things other than flights?

    But yeah, it doesn't make too much sense either way!

    That reminds me: must buy carbon offsets for upcoming vacation…


  2. Yeah, that does seem to be kind of a zero-sum thing. The airlines that you can use the airmiles with do have some policies for being greener (Air Canada and WestJet), but I kind of wonder about those too.

    Air Canada has an optional carbon offset thing, I think it's $5 but I'm not sure. I'm curious how much that $5 actually does, it seems like a drop in the bucket.


  3. Cath – it's the general airmiles card. I know you can buy other stuff with the points, but most people use them for flights (I would think).

    Andrea – Yeah, $5 isn't much! But, I guess they wanted to choose an amount that was small enough for people to want to pay it. Too high and no one would pay it, too low and you don't make enough money. Hmmm…Goldilocks effect!


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