Unconscious Biases

I realize that I never did give specific information about any of the sessions at the recent Women in Astronomy & Space Sciences conference. That’s mostly because Hannah on the WiA blog did a great job of it.

But, today on the WiA blog, Joan Schmelz posted a summary of my favorite session about unconscious biases. I recommend checking it out, along with the references she mentions.

For some more interesting information about this topic, take a look at this site too. They have studies and quizzes you can participate in to find out what (if any) biases you have.

PS: the WiA website will have the posters and videos of all the talks up shortly. They are also putting together a conference proceedings with papers from hopefully all the presenters. I will keep you posted.


Comments on: "Unconscious Biases" (1)

  1. There was an article on yahoo the other day about the implicit bias link @ Harvard and I took the test on gender & science/humanities. It found that I tend to slightly more often associate women with science. Surprise! I just came back from a conference on that šŸ™‚

    I've found myself much more aware of these things lately and noticing when others apply their unconscious biases to a situation. Thanks, WIA, for making me aware!


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