P&C Update

Last post I told you about DH’s co-worker getting screwed over while trying to raise money for students in his department.

Well…ladies and gents…it gets better…

About a week ago he decided to take some change out of the jar, and exchanged it for a $5 bill. The next day it was gone. Thinking that maybe he actually didn’t put the $5 bill in the jar, he tested it out and put another one in. Guess what? It was gone the next day!!

This is in a secured building! People need IDs and swipe cards to get in, and if you don’t you have to sign in and must be with someone at all times. That means someone who works there is doing this.

Who are these people??


Comments on: "P&C Update" (6)

  1. that is horrifyingly suckalicious. how angrifying!!! wireless secret camera!!!!


  2. Wow. I thought the last post was bad. Who does this? I mean we've had a rash of people in our department having their lunches stolen (which I kinda think is gross), but money? Straight stealing? Not just not having the change and forgetting to put it in the jar, but taking money?

    People are awesome. Ugh.


  3. Yikes, people suck!!! I was going to make a comment on the first post about how that university is rampant with people's senses of entitlement, but this is just low!!! I like the spy cam idea though, it worked for my undergrad student association. Someone was coming into the student lounge and looking up porn. They used some kind of motion sensor to turn a hidden webcam on. Turned out to be a security guard. So gross. Maybe it's someone external to the department there too??


  4. PD – I might suggest that, especially given Lyss's comments too.

    RS – who would steal someone's lunch?? That is so gross.

    Lyss – that is really disturbing :S It always amazes me how many “bad apples” there are out there!


  5. That is so disgusting, especially considering the type of place it is. You'd think that the people who worked there were above this kind of bullshit. Wow.

    I hope they catch the loser(s) involved and I hope that poor guy who brought in the pop has taken it home and is enjoying it himself. Let us know how it turns out!


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