I don’t think Cath is back yet, so I’ll post the results for this week as well.

It wasn’t exactly a stellar week for most of us – except for ScientistMother, who kicked all our butts by at least 11 points, and took over 3rd place overall! Congrats on a great week, SM!

Comments on: "NHL Hockey Pool – Week 8 Results" (4)

  1. Its amazing what happens when you take the injured players off your roster! :))


  2. I'm back! And, Gaaaah! One person is pulling away from me, and another is coming up rapidly behind… I may need to rejig my line-up after looking over the scores and injuries I missed…

    Many thanks for looking after the updates while I was away!


  3. SM – it definitely makes a difference 🙂

    Cath – Welcome back!! Can't wait to hear about your trip! You did pretty well given that you were completely away from it for weeks.


  4. SM: what it this?? You are NOT suppose to be in front of me 🙂

    ah well… obviously this week I am looosing all of it… ah well, next week is a new week 🙂


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