*Twiddling Thumbs*

There are actually a couple really exciting things (potentially) going on, but nothing to blog about at this point. Hopefully something will be blog-able in a couple of weeks or so.

In the mean time, work is work. One of my projects stalled for the time being. We received the hardware I was to work on, but one of the components isn’t working, so we have to exchange it. At least I have two other projects to keep me busy.

Home life is good too, although I really need to force myself to be active more often. Now that it’s chilly and dark in the evenings, it’s hard to motivate myself to do anything once I eat dinner and am in my PJs. At least I have a big stack of books to get through, and knitting to keep my hands busy so I don’t eat out of boredom.


Comments on: "*Twiddling Thumbs*" (2)

  1. oh don't I know it, twiddling tumbs is an important chore.

    now, I better try and go to the gym tonight 🙂


  2. I know what you mean…even working out at home is way less appealing when it gets colder. I just want to curl up on the couch and do nothing. Preferrably with a bowl of potato chips in front of me! We've been trying to cut down on the junk food in the house but sometimes, the temptation is too strong. And it doesn't help that Costco is so close, with those club sized bags :S


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