Looking for Great Speakers

This is for all the astronomers out there (or to those of you who go to astronomy talks). Is there anyone that you know or seen in planetary astronomy that gives (or could give) a really good public talk?

Please leave the name in the comments, or shoot me of an email!


Comments on: "Looking for Great Speakers" (10)

  1. Hmm. Are you looking for early-career (postdoc etc) people, or mid-late career, established people?


  2. We're looking for more mid-late people that are big(ish) names in their field.



    Though, he's more “huge” than big(ish), I would think.


  4. Great suggestion, PD! Thanks!


  5. Let's see… while I know a lot of people, that doesn't necessarily mean I know that they can give a good talk.

    Sara Seager (mostly does exoplanets)
    Michael Brown
    Lucy McFadden

    and lots more people local to me, but those names come to mind first.


  6. Neil De Grasse Tyson would be awesome!

    My suggestion is Phil Plait, from Bad Astronomy. He doesn't do any research anymore, though, he makes a career out of outreach full-time now. He recently publised a book called “Death From the Skies” and has a talk that goes with it that is entertaining (you can find it online). He's a fun speaker. His blog is here and has all the contact info for him:



  7. I should mention also that he does a TON of other talks too, not just the one for his book.


  8. Hannah and Andrea – thanks for the suggestions! I'll put them on the list.


  9. People I have heard speak/have heard to be good speakers (removing names already mentioned earlier):

    Carolyn Porco (Cassini)
    Debra Fischer (SFSU)
    Charley Lineweaver (ANU)
    Steve Squyres (Cornell)
    Robert Jedicke (IfA)
    Guy Consolmagno (Vatican Observatory)


  10. Thanks T – this list is great!


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