Another P&C Update

Just an update on the pop & money stealing from DH’s lab: more money was stolen, so the pop has now been moved from the common kitchen area to an office area. The number of people taking pops has drastically reduced – most likely because they have to go into an office to get (and actually pay for) one.

Apart from this excitement, I’m sorry that this blog has been so lame lately. There is honestly nothing to write about (freely). I hope to have news to report in the coming weeks.


Comments on: "Another P&C Update" (2)

  1. I still find my trust in people shaken. And I would really like the person who stole the money to get caught and shamed in front of his/hers work collegues.

    Yes, I am just _that_ mean.


  2. I second the above comment, I still can`t believe that people would do that there. Ridiculous.


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