The Weekend

On Friday I was feeling better physically, and we were both doing alright emotionally that we felt like going shopping. I ended up buying a Nikon D90 – an awesome deal with two lenses. So, I’ve been playing around with it on our very lazy weekend, and here is what we’ve been doing.

These are the ornaments we bought in memory of Baby G. The blue mittens are for the baby, and the angel wings are for the angels looking after our baby until they come back to us.
Isaac, hanging out in the top bunk of the cat scratcher.

Isabella, hanging out on the couch in her usual manner.

Mmmm…ginger cookies.

We made a gingerbread house village (from a kit of course; not a great photo, but the only one with all 5 buildings).

Comments on: "The Weekend" (6)

  1. Looks like a nice weekend! Glad you are feeling better.


  2. Very nice! The ornaments are a really nice way to remember Baby G. Glad you are having a better time and taking it easy.


  3. The ornaments are lovely, and a lovely way to remember Baby G. Glad to hear that you are doing better this weekend.


  4. Those are great pics! I especially like the narrow depth of focus on the cookies.

    The ornament is beautiful.


  5. I love the ornaments. Such a great idea! and your pictures are really cool 🙂


  6. Hi! I love the ornaments especially your angel one it is so precious and a touching tribute to your little one. Your sweet Isaac kitty looks just like my Emma kitty. I love Isabella's markings on her face she is beautiful! We have two kitties Emma and Augustus (he is a orange half-Siamese who loves cuddling). The gingerbread house village looks so yummy and awesome! Pictures are absoutely beautiful!!


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