Quick Job Update

I turned down the post-doc I was considering. Am I crazy to turn down this opportunity right now?

What’s even worse is that I turned down a job interview about a month ago because I was so sure I was going to take this post-doc. Now I have neither opportunity.

I still haven’t heard about the funding for the outreach position. Hopefully that news will come shortly. Until then…



Comments on: "Quick Job Update" (5)

  1. You're not crazy. Something was obviously telling you it wasn't right for you – why make yourself miserable?!

    Hiring often picks up after the Christmas downtime – I know my boss is sitting on several CVs that he'll probably get to in January. And good luck with the funding!


  2. You're not crazy at all.

    And good luck with the grant and the job that you really *do* want!


  3. You're not crazy in the least. In fact, I admire you for knowing exactly what it is you want and your dedication to achieving that goal. I wish I had as much confidence in knowing exactly what I wanted…


  4. Consider applying at PI http://www.perimeterinstitute.ca They have a large outreach program, and are always short on people. They aren't presently looking for people, but you could try applying anyway, so they have your name when something comes up. (It's also a great place to work.)


  5. A) You're not crazy
    B) Good Luck! I hope it works out.


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