2010 Resolutions

Last time I gave a summary of my 2009 resolutions. I did well on six out of ten, and three are long-term goals, so I figure I did pretty well! How will 2010 go? Here are my goals for the year:

1. Life Purge
I want to get rid of all the extraneous crap in my life. This means clearing out my closets, desk drawers, computer folders, Facebook friends, etc.. It also means not spending my time on things that are useless to me (watching TV shows that I don’t even like, surfing the net because I’m bored, etc.).

2. Activity
Last year I did really crappy on my “be active” resolution. This year my goal will be a bit different. I want to find an activity (or a few) I really enjoy doing, that I can keep up during the year. I’m going to start with swimming and see how I like it. I might also try an adult jazz dance class.

3. Reading
I read 17 books in 2009, and also joined a book club. Let’s see if I can hit the 20-25 mark this year!

4. Career
I want to further my career in education and outreach. Ideally, I’d like to have a full-time position in this area this year, but I also want to make contacts with others in the field, try my hand at fundraising, and give more talks/workshops/etc.

5. Home
Let’s buy a house this year! To add to that: let’s host Christmas in our new house too.

6. Confidence
I know this was on my list last year, but it’s something that I so want (and need) to work on. This can also encompass being better at confrontations and not taking things personally, two other resolutions from last year. I think if I gain confidence, the others will follow.

7. Anger
This is something new that I’ve been working on with my therapist, and something that I know needs to change. It bugs me when I get angry at the dumbest things, mostly beyond my control. It hurts me, and it hurts my relationship with DH. Another work in progress, but I hope to make big strides with this in 2010.

8. Social life
We need to have more fun! I’d like DH and I to find some fun things to do together, and for us to get out and enjoy life more. We’re young, damnit – now is the time to do it!

9. Knitting
I’d like to graduate from a beginner level. I’d like to learn some new techniques, do a non-trivial project (purse or sweater – or both!) and maybe even take a class or join a group.

10. Family
Although this is mostly out of my control, I hope we can get pregnant again very soon and have a baby by the end of the year (or shortly thereafter). It sounds kind of strange to have it as a resolution, but this one is more of a dream than anything. It’s what I want most in the world right now.

So, there we have it! I’ll post them in the right hand column for the year, and update along the way. Here’s to big changes in 2010!


Comments on: "2010 Resolutions" (7)

  1. Sounds like it will be a great year!


  2. wow. that's one impressive list. I second the anger part though. Guess I should make that resolution list, as someone said to me “make the goals reachable and easy countable”. I dunno, like “I want to be able to do 50 push ups” or so.

    Funny enough, so far my resolutions in my head are more like; don't worry, be happy, be less angry, love life, don't be scared etc… not as “easy countable” that is πŸ˜‰


  3. I am soooo with you on number one (for starters). I really want to spend more time constructively (reading, writing, playing guitar etc.) instead of fiddling around on the internet. Let me know if you find any good little tricks to help achieve this!

    Good luck with the list, and please keep us posted! I'll be doing my resolutions at the equinox again, instead… I did try to go for a run this morning, but it was just so dark and rainy. I'll keep trying, but I'll be doing better by March!


  4. Becca – I hope so!

    Chall – I like the “life change” goals, because then you don't feel bad if you don't reach them, because they're really not fully reachable πŸ™‚

    Cath – I really do need to spend less time doing useless things. Even reading or just playing games with DH is much more meaningful than watching TV or being on the computer. Can't wait to see your spring resolutions!


  5. Definitely join a knitting group if you can! It can be really inspiring to see what other people are working on and in most groups, people are willing to help you with your projects if you run into problems. And they are a good social outlet. Are you on Ravelry? It will have a list of groups in your area.


  6. Mrs. W – thanks for the tip on Ravelry! I joined up, and there are a couple different groups that meet! Not sure how long it'll take me to have the guts to go, but I do intend to try it out!


  7. good luck – I have yet to figure out my new year goals…… I better get moving!


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