Toque and Scarf

I haven’t posted any of my knitting projects for a while. That’s mostly because it takes me forever to finish things! Not because of lack of motivation, but I think I’m just a slow knitter.

Anyway, here are pictures of my latest project: a matching toque and scarf set for myself:

I’m still trying to finish the baby blanket I’ve been working on since August. I haven’t worked on it for the last month or so (for obvious reasons), but I think I’m ready to get back to it and finish it off. Then I might try to tackle a purse like this one, and maybe do some baby hats for some of my friends that are expecting in the next few months.

For you knitters, crocheters, etc., out there – any tips for what to do with leftover yarn?

PS: For an update on how my new job is going, go here.


Comments on: "Toque and Scarf" (10)

  1. Leftover yarn: Bommeln! Sorry, but I don't know the English word. Pompons? There belongs one on the toque 🙂


  2. So pretty!


  3. Anonymous said:

    Leftover yarn is great for amigurumi projects (google amigurumi crochet), especially if you make small animals to give to new babies.


  4. Nice! And I know now what a toque is. I figured it more for medieval torture device (+1 if you figure the reference)…


  5. I know nothing about knitting or extra yarn but I love the toque! great colours


  6. Bee – yes, pom poms! Cute idea 🙂

    Becca – thanks!

    Anon – oh my gosh, those are SO cute!

    Tidliar – haha! What do “other” people call such a hat? I've been wondering that lately.

    Liz – thanks! Purple is my favorite, so I figured I'd use two tones instead of just one!


  7. Anonymous said:

    I can't find the link, but there are patterns out there for blankets to give to animal shelters, or you can just make one up. They take all sizes, since they've got everything from new kittens to Great Danes, and the animals don't care about color, just that it's warm and fuzzy. Must be washable, though.


  8. Um, well I likely fall into the typically unobservant “guy” category, but I always thought that type of hat was called…a hat.


  9. I haven't read the other comments, but depending on the yarn I was knitting it into blocks and then going to create a blanket, or I make it into washcloths, but again that depends on the yarn 🙂

    Awesome job. Have fun with the purse, I have made a few of them and they are pretty fun!!


  10. No tips from me, but the toque and sarf look great!
    I want to start knitting again too (“again” after 20 years or so, last time was when I was a kid), this might be another inspiration to actually get to it this year, thanks!


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