Nesbitt Wins Gold!

Christine Nesbitt won gold in 1000m long-track speed skating yesterday!

Photo from CBC.

Why am I writing about this particular medal winner? Because her dad works in the Earth Sciences department (the same one I am in)! A bunch of us got together in the faculty lounge yesterday afternoon to watch the event. It was pretty exciting to have an Olympic-connection like that…it made it more real somehow.

How awesome would it be if she brings the medal in to the department?


Comments on: "Nesbitt Wins Gold!" (3)

  1. SO great?! πŸ™‚

    I agree though, it brings a certain extra thing when you watch it with some kind of connection like that.

    Although, I guess it would've been cool if she won a silver, bronze or even just finihsed? In my book “competing in the Olympics” gets you very far! πŸ™‚


  2. So special!!!! I love seeing the parents in the audience! Her family must be so proud.


  3. Coooool!

    I love that the CTV coverage always shows the athlete's parents.

    I'm also enjoying a couple of distant Olympic connections – I agree that it makes things much more real! Kristina Groves is my friend's cousin (I met her when my friend got married), and Mr E Man works with Manuel Osborne-Paradis' Dad.


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