Can’t Escape It

This winter has been a good one in Southwestern Ontario. It hasn’t been too cold (not like last year!) and we haven’t had nearly as much snow as we usually get.

Until this week, apparently:

My hope is that this means spring is coming soon (we tend to get dumps of snow right before it warms up).

In other news – the Canada/US game yesterday was pretty disappointing. Brodeur did not play very well, and I think the team in general was a bit sloppy. On to a qualifying game against Germany.

Also, we are officially looking for a house! We have been pre-approved for our mortgage, and have looked at a few houses already. We will be looking at more this week, and hopefully we can find something in the near future.


Comments on: "Can’t Escape It" (3)

  1. Ooh, good luck with the house hunting!

    Brodeur needs to either up his game or be replaced! Bobby Lu FTW!


  2. Winter is lame!! I can't imagine how you Canadians do it! Here's to spring!!


  3. Winter here is awful too..Sorry you are getting more snow. I hope you are right that spring is on it's way. DH and I decided to start spring early by BBQ'ing in our driveway in the snow on Sunday 🙂

    Sorry about the game. We are so behind on the Olympics we haven't watched it yet, but I definitely do want to watch it as I heard it was a good game. Good Luck against Germany


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