The other day, DH and I watched a news story about a local chess tournament. The report was centered on a grade 7 girl, who has won in her grade level five years in a row.

The story started out well – they reported how the ratio is now 60% male, 40% female, while only a few years ago it was 90% male. Great news!

Then it all went downhill.

They were interviewing a grade 7 boy, and asked him if they (the boys) were intimated by the girls. He said, “Well no, because they’re in a different division”.


A different division?

Why the hell do they have a different division for girls and boys? It’s chess, people! It’s not like they’re wrestling or something! Seriously?

The reporter then interviewed the girl who has won 5 years in a row, asking “Do you think you can beat the boys?” Thankfully, she knows what’s up, and said of course she could!

If only they would let her!


Comments on: ""Do you think you could beat the boys?"" (4)

  1. Good for the little girl, but I'm completely appalled!!! Are they living in the 1950's? What the f&#K makes them think that girls and boys shouldn't/can't compete against each other at chess?? Really?? Seriously???

    And then, of all things, I get a captcha on this comment that says “muted”…no respect.


  2. That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard…Different divisions for Chess? WTF! I can see Skiing, or wrestling or some other sport, where it makes a bit of sense, but chess, something that challenges the mind shouldn't be like that. That seriously irritates the crap out of me…what the heck is up with our world…..

    Glad though that the little girl said what she said! At least she knows whats up.


  3. That's crazy! Mind you, I think the same thing about some Olympic sports, e.g. curling, shooting etc. Why do they need to be separated?!


  4. Cath – I can see why they would want to divide any sports into men and women. As much as it sucks to admit, men are typically stronger, faster, etc.. Even in curling, men can hit the rocks harder and sweep faster, giving them an advantage.

    But, for something that is based on the brain? Chess, and your example of shooting too – there should definitely not be different classes!


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