Easter Eggs!

DH and I don’t really celebrate Easter. Although, he did cook up a huge ham yesterday (after buying it to try to do an MRI scan on it at work – weirdo!).

On Friday though, I got together with a few of my friends to try making Ukrainian Easter eggs. For those of you unfamiliar with them, they are the intricately designed eggs that look hand painted:

Fig. 1: Some very cool Ukrainian Easter eggs.

I learned that they are actually not hand painted at all! Instead, one alternates applying wax and then putting the egg into dye.

Fig. 2: Naked egg.

Fig. 3: First application of wax (whatever is covered will stay white).

Fig. 4: After the first round of dye.

Fig. 5: After the second round of dye (whatever sections were
newly covered will stay yellow).

Fig. 6: Next application of wax (whatever is newly covered stays purple).

Fig. 7: The final dye stage (black). Now we hold the egg over a
candle to melt off all the wax.
Fig. 8: The finished product!

Fig. 9: All of our eggs!

Comments on: "Easter Eggs!" (11)

  1. Pretty! I love making Ukranian eggs, it's so magical when the wax melts off, isn't it?


  2. since I am a noob… are these empty eggs, boiled eggs or raw when you start?

    And they are positively lovely! I'm envious and would've loved trying to do that.


  3. How cool!!! I want to try that next year.


  4. candice said:



  5. Oh wow, that is so cool!


  6. Chall – they are to be “fresh” eggs. Of course, these were bought in a grocery store, but apparently the more fresh the better (right out of the chicken is the best). The egg inside eventually dries up, and when you shake them you can hear the dried-up yolk shaking around.


  7. ahh.. thanks. the coloured eggs I made as a child were always “emptied” – you know, blowing them out through a hole in the narrow end….

    messy and not that easy 🙂


  8. They look great, Alyssa!!


  9. I am just looking at this now – I am so far behind on my blog reading 😉 these are absolutely Amazing!! You described them on IV but I seriously wasn't thinking it was this intricate, WOW is all I have to say.


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