Our book club chose to read this book by Stieg Larsson a few months ago. We all were in agreement that it was an interesting story, but the book was a tedious read in some places. Although, what do you expect when a paper-back novel is over 800 pages? If we were to rate it out of five, I think we would have all given it 3-3.5.

When we saw the movie was coming out in a local theatre, we decided that it would make for a great book club outing. So, we all gathered with our popcorn and other treats, and watched the 800 page novel be condensed into a 2.5 hour movie in Swedish.

It was…fantastic. I think we all agreed that they glossed over the right (tedious) things while still staying relatively true to the story. They did change some minor things in the plot, but it worked. For some of us, it was more disturbing to watch than to read, as there are a few sexually violent scenes that were hard to stomach in either case. The original title of the book, Men Who Hate Women, gives a much better foreshadowing of the actions of some of the characters.

The director did an amazing job portraying the strong female lead character, who also stars in the other two books in the series (The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest). I also think he managed to tell the story without it being confusing to people who haven’t read the book. One of the book club members brought her husband along, and he had not read the book – I know she reads the blog, so hopefully she can tell us what he thought 🙂

I wasn’t sure if I was interested enough in reading the other two books, but I think this movie has convinced me to at least read the next one. It would also be interesting if an American director creates a version of the movie.

In any case, I highly recommend both the book and the movie. But, if you just have time for one, the movie is an excellent, and much less time-consuming, choice. Be fair warned about the graphic content though.


Comments on: "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (6)

  1. An American director will make at least the first one, maybe the three…. they are in negotiations if the movie will be filmed in Stockholm all the way, or only the outdoor stuff….
    /the swede 😉


  2. Apart from the fact that something gruesome happens to a cat who has been written about as a character! I hate that sort of thing – too stressful on the imagination.


  3. The other two books were much better in the series in that there were less tedious parts. My boss had ordered the third (the girl who kicked the hornet's nest) from amazon uk so we could finish the series within a “reasonable” time. Thought the movie was amazing as well


  4. I didn't know there was a movie! Off to see if it's playing around here…

    And I agree; the book had it's moments, but was still a good read.


  5. Some stories just work better as movies than as books, and vice versa. I thought the Da Vinci code movie was waaaaay better than the book, for example, although obviously it was still rubbish 🙂


  6. Good movie review 🙂 I agree, it was really well done. I was already considering reading the second book and the movie sold me on it completely. And I think the story worked better as a movie – I actually picked up on some details that never occurred to me as I was reading, so I have a new appreciation for Larsson's story…but he could have written it better.

    The hubby had good things to say about the movie too (he's the one who came with us, having never read the book). He really enjoyed it, liked the story, and said that he'd rank it among his top 5 foreign movies.

    I'd love it if the same director made the next one into a movie too. I don't think an American version will be nearly as good – the Swedish one set the bar really high!


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