Small Changes

Well, we’ve been in our house for just about a month and things are slowly coming along.

The kitchen was initially going very quickly – the electrical, plumbing, mud & tape, and flooring all got done within a couple of weeks. Then we had the cabinets installed and things are kind of at a stand still now that we are waiting for our granite counter top to come in. The projected install date isn’t until June 2nd! So, we will have a temporary counter so the appliances can be installed and we can actually use the kitchen. I will post before & after photos once it’s done.

We’ve also managed to paint a couple rooms. We started with the guest room. Mostly because we wanted to “test” our skills on a not-so-important room, but also because it was the ugliest room in the house. Case in point:

Fig. 1: Bubblegum ice cream, anyone (which actually is one
of my favorite flavors – just not on a wall)?

But, I think we’ve rectified the situation rather nicely:

Fig. 2: A nice way to do orange (not like what our
kitchen looked like – oh, stay tuned for that!).

Next up was the master bedroom. Again, the previous owners didn’t have such great taste in colors. This one was a dark brown with greenish undertones. To top it all off, they painted the ceiling the same color, so the room felt very enclosed.

Fig. 3: Like living in a cardboard box (ignore that green
square –
that was me testing out some wild colors).

Again, we went for a more pleasing color. This one is called “grasslands”, and it’s very calming and serene.

Fig. 3: ahhhhhhh….don’t you just feel more calm?

Next up will probably be the living room and dining room. But, I think we’re going to hire someone to do that (as well as the foyer/stairwell). It’s just way too much of a pain in the ass for us to deal with, especially if someone can come in and do it faster and better.

Comments on: "Small Changes" (12)

  1. LOVE IT! Great color choices!!

    I'm all for hiring painters. Good idea.


  2. Looks FANtastic, Alyssa! I love the colors. Can't wait to see the kitchen, it sounds really nice!


  3. love the paint!!! looks great!

    (and I don't even like home decorating stuff 😉 but it looks great. and I like th green. And never paint the celing in the same colour as the walls…. even I knew that one… duh.)


  4. btw. we did the upstairs bathroom and downstairs guest room all by ourselves… then we hired someone to do bedroom and library.. Way easier!! and way worth it 🙂 i like the extra stuff the painting guys brought with him to show how much easier it was to make it look good. read; some kind of foam on the boards r something 😉


  5. Wow, you've done a lot of work in a short time. Looks wonderful. Can't wait to see the kitchen!


  6. Wow, BIG improvements already! I really like the colors you picked!


  7. Love the new colors! Can't wait to see the before and after of the kitchen.


  8. I LOVE the orange! Hmmm…makes me want to go paint something that color…


  9. Alyssa – Those are GREAT Colors! How wonderful. I LOVE the orange. so much so I might have to figure out how we can use that somewhere in our place 😉 and that green is so much better than what they had.

    I have never understood why people paint ceilings either. Can't wait to see the kitchen.


  10. Hee hee! I saw the top photo – and only the top photo – when I first scanned this post in Google Reader. I am sooooo glad it was a “before” photo rather than an “after”!!

    I love the new colours, especially the green. Mr E Man is more conservative than I am when it comes to interior decorating – I'd love to have something like your colours, but everything's all neutral and boring instead. I did manage to get my way with the bathroom though – a nice sunny egg yolk yellow, rather than the pepto pink the old owners chose for some reason!


  11. Thanks everyone! I've always loved interior design, so I had a ton of fun choosing colors (just wait until you see the other rooms).

    LOL Cath! Pepto pink sounds AWESOME! Just wait until you see the color our kitchen was before – oh, and the stairwell. YIKES! It makes me wonder what people are thinking!


  12. When we were looking at houses we went to one and I LOVED the house just not the colors. The front entry way was Orange and not a good orange. The bathroom was neon yellow. The downstairs bedroom was 1/2 Dark Navy Blue and the upper 1/2 was Bright Green. it was awful. I really do wonder what people are thinking, but then I wonder if people will think that when we sell our house in 10-15 years 🙂


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