Good Role Model

A couple days ago DH and I were out and saw a woman wearing this t-shirt:

Figure 1: Classy t-shirt by Hustler (link from

Now, I think I would have been offended if anyone was wearing this shirt, but this particular woman was with her two pre-teen daughters.

I don’t know – maybe I’m just super judgmental, but is that really the message you want to be sending to your kids? I mean, there are multiple things wrong with this in my mind: the language is tasteless (don’t we try to minimize this language around children?), it’s by Hustler (women should only be valued for their looks!), and it’s promoting violence as a cute thing (note the princess crown – eta: those are apparently brass knuckles. How sweet!). Not exactly setting up your daughters to be strong (of the mind) women.

What do you think?


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  1. Oh, apparently those are brass knuckles, not a crown. I thought it was a crown at first, too. Urbandictionary has an entry for the phrase:
    “A phrase that basiclly means if you piss someone of then they'll tear your fuckin face up with brass knuckles. The phrase 'Talk Trash, Get Brass' has the same concept.”


  2. Ah – well, that makes it all the more sweet ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Anonymous said:

    I can see why that would be offensive to some (ok – likely a large portion of the population), although personally I don't have a huge problem with it.

    I would never choose to wear that kind of thing, with or without my hypothetical kids present — that said I don't harbour any hatred towards those who choose to showcase that opinion in a public forum. Mind you, I would lean towards her bringing up her kids the way she wants them brought up – maybe it's just a bit of a joke and that's the sense of humour she wants to impart? (Again, not funny to everyone; but perhaps that family finds it hilarious?)

    It's all in the individual differences. ๐Ÿ™‚ Personally if I were offended by it I'd just make it a point to make sure that my kids were brought up better! ha ha.


  4. WTF??!!

    Not. Cool.


  5. Super tacky. Terrible example for your daughters!


  6. Anon – I agree that it's totally her decision to wear that or not. But, if her intent was to be funny, I'm sure there are better ways to do it (even in T-shirt form).

    I think my problem with it is all the things combined (bad language, Hustler, violence). For example, I wouldn't be nearly as offended if she was wearing a T-shirt with just the Playboy symbol on it, or if the shirt said “Make 7” on the front and “Up Yours” on the back.

    Things like that can be funny/cute/witty – but I just find this particular shirt takes it a bit too far.


  7. I didn't even understand the T-shirt at first–I thought that was a crown, too!

    I agree–NOT a cool message for one's kids.


  8. Message to kids aside (and absolutely, what chance to those kids have of not growing up just the same) but honestly, with all the clothes available to us in the USA, WHY oh WHY do adult people wear this trash? I mean, when I was younger it was a matter of vanity, but now it's just a matter of self respect. T-shirts with writing on them belong to young girls, not mature women.
    Just sayin!


  9. I would not wear it because I would be afraid some punk might actually talk shit to me. I am a big wussy would shies away from confrontation of that nature.

    I agree with what you are saying. However, I am a big advocate of freedom of expression, so I hesitate to agree too strongly.

    Yes I think it is and example of a bad role model.
    Yes I think believe people should be able to wear this kind of garment if they choose.

    Yes I disprove.
    No I do not want my disproval to be reflected by a law.


  10. To each his/her own. But I myself completely disapprove…and I don't feel judgmental at all about it. In fact, the lady likely would have received an unintentionally dirty look from me as I walked by…


  11. bean-mom: Yeah, I thought it was a princess crown to make it into a “cute” thing, but I guess I was wrong!

    WF: that's a great point! It's one thing to wear that if you're in high school, but as a middle-aged mother of two pre-teens? Blech.

    Dr.G: LOL! Yes, I hate confrontations as well, so wouldn't want to wear that shirt based solely on that!

    MDO: Ha! I'm sure she got many that day.


  12. This is one of the few reasons I like the uniforms that the Catholic board has – the girls don't walk around sending their classmates the wrong messages and basically embarrassing themselves. It makes me wonder, when girls are out wearing these completely inappropriate tops (or those stupid sweatpants with words across the butt), if they even realize the impression they are giving off. And where their mothers are/what they think about it.


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