18 Weeks

Yesterday I hit 18 weeks – just two more until we find out the gender (or less if we’re lucky and the ultrasound tech tells us)!

Here’s a picture:

Does the shape and location of my belly make you want to change your vote on the gender poll?

Comments on: "18 Weeks" (10)

  1. Anonymous said:

    Congratulations! You look smashing for 4 months.

    My vote is for girl. 🙂


  2. You look so cute!!

    My belly is high as well, and I think Bun is side-to-side. And the pulse is high. I've been told that's a girl by everyone, but who knows. I'm switching my vote for you to girl, though. 😉


  3. My sister declined knowing the gender for both her boys. I think the suspense would kill me! Do keep us posted.


  4. Anon – aw, thanks!

    MDO – I've heard high/wide bellies = girl, but it could also be from having a short torso (which I have). We'll see 🙂

    Dr.G – yeah, there's no way I can wait until Baby G is born! I'm dying just having to wait until 20 weeks!! LOL!


  5. A girl, a girl! 🙂
    You look very cute.
    Any nausea?


  6. GMP – thanks! I was *very* nauseous in the first trimester, but am feeling so much better these days (thankfully!).


  7. Nope, I still say girl! I only know one person who recently had a baby girl, and she carried lower than you appear to be carrying right now. I've never been able to keep straight whether high/low meant boy/girl! Either way, I'm sticking with my original prediction 🙂


  8. Andrea – apparently high/wide means girl, while low/front means boy. But, really – with a 50/50 chance, all predictions look good 🙂 LOL!


  9. As GMP said, you look very cute! I loved the second trimester of pregnancy–glad to hear you're feeling good! If the old wives' tales are true, I'm guessing a girl. And I carried high with both of my girls, too!


  10. you look so happy!


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