A conversation with an older, male-er colleague yesterday:

Him: I’m hoping to test this piece of equipment in the next couple of weeks.

Me: Well, keep me posted, because if you test it when I’m back from vacation I’d like to come by and check it out.

Him: Oh, right. You’re on vacation…(looks at pregnant belly)…and then you’ll be going on vacation again in a few months.

Me: ummmmm…?

Him: I don’t know what to do with you girls*…getting pregnant and taking time off. It’s sure hard to keep you girls around.

Sigh. Yeah, us pregnant chicks really screw up the system…taking our “vacation” time whenever we pop out some kid. Sorry about that.

* There is another woman in the department who took a whopping 4 months** off after giving birth to her first child.
** In Canada, you can take up to a year parental leave with benefits.


Comments on: ""Vacation"" (10)

  1. What an ass!! So sorry!


  2. Does he have kids? If so, I envy his ability to disconnect his reality from yours.


  3. Wow, what a totally unprofessional, inappropriate comment!

    My manager at my previous job had his first baby back in December and had planned to take two weeks off once the baby was born. He kept talking about how much he was looking forward to the vacation. We kept telling him that it wasn't going to be anything even CLOSE to a vacation but he could not grasp this. Of course, after his two weeks at home were up, he was desperate to come back to work. Sometimes, men are dumb.


  4. oh, one wonders if he took time off then to keep his wife from being “those girls who take time off”.

    I would be sorely tempted to say something like “yeah, keeping the people coming that can take care of you when you go old[er]” but more likely; “yes I _know_ us girls, imagine if men were able to take half of the parental leave and could bond with their child, that would leave eveyone with 'vacation' and responsibility”.

    Stupid and unprofessional comment. (somewhere here he should be pointed to the fact that apart from in the US afak it's not called vacation but materinty/paterinty leave since it's NOT the same. duh)


  5. head buried in desk…

    some men are just dumb.


  6. WOW.

    What is this, 1957?!


  7. Wow. Seriously, what is wrong with people????


  8. Wow … That is just so horrible. I almost hope you kicked him someplace so he won't be able to produce offspring …


  9. Becca – yes, he is an ass!

    Natalie – I think he has kids? They would be in their 20s or 30s now though, so maybe he's forgotten?

    Andrea – LOL! That poor guy was in for a rude awakening.

    Chall – I'm certain he didn't, since he's of retirement age.

    SM – agreed.

    Cath – I think he wishes it was 1957!

    Ella – I don't know!! Men in physics tend to be worse than the general population, I've found.

    Nina – I wish! LOL! Although, since he is of retirement age, I don't think it would have done much.


  10. Vacation??!!! Uh, yeah, pushing a baby out, recovering, breastfeeding, waking up every two hours to care for a tiny newborn (not to scare you too much, Alyssa) is a VACATION???!!



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