77% of you were…


It’s a BOY!!!!

We were totally surprised – we both thought we were having a girl. Between the heart rate, the size/shape of my tummy, and my intuition, we were convinced. So, when the ultrasound tech showed us “the money shot” and there was obviously something there between the legs, we were shocked!!

We are thrilled, of course, and are now planning out the nursery and talking about names. Stay tuned!

Comments on: "77% of you were…" (7)

  1. How exciting to know that you are going to have a son — have fun choosing his name and you must knit him something REALLY cute!!


  2. Congratulations! Boys are awesome, though I'm sorta kinda bias πŸ™‚

    Everyone told me I was having a boy, but I was convinced it was girl, as were the nurses in the delivery room….I was wrong:)


  3. I said a boy!!!
    I always think boys are much more fun than girls, but that is based on no real experience. Either way I am sure you will have a totally adorable baby πŸ™‚


  4. Shoot – I said boy first and switched – should've gone with my first instinct! The belly shot got me thinking twice though πŸ˜‰ Congratulations!! It'll certainly be a fun nursery to plan – can't wait to see/hear about all the details!


  5. I always hear that boys are more work when they're younger, but less worry when they're older!

    Congratulations on the news, and I'm glad someone is still having boys to offset all the girls my friends have been having lately! I was at a first birthday party yesterday where the birthday girl, her cousin (2 weeks older) and friend (2 weeks younger) were all wearing pink party frocks. All 3 girls look very much like their Dads… it was a little bit freaky to see miniature versions of my male friends toddling around in those dresses!


  6. Candice said:

    Congrats, Alyssa! I guessed boy as well πŸ™‚ And all my friends/relatives/acquaintances who had babies had girls this year as well, so it's a nice change.


  7. Wool free – some plans are in the mix for what to make him. I'll probably start with a hat πŸ™‚

    SM – that must have been a fun surprise!

    Nina – I think both have their advantages, but boys seem to be more fun when they're younger (and not as emotional during the harsh teenage years!).

    MDO – I'll post pictures when we're done! The painting is finished, and now DH is working on the chair rail.

    Cath – that's what I've heard too! Funny enough, everyone in DH's research group has boys. Must be something to do with the magnetic fields πŸ˜‰

    Candice – good guess! Not many people thought that!


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