The Stories are True

I’ve always heard people telling similar stories, but I never saw it with my own eyes until today.

As I was pulling up to a stop light, the woman in front of me was driving erratically (swerving into the neighboring lane, jerky breaking, etc.). As I pulled up beside her, I looked over and there she was…putting on eye make-up in the rear-view mirror (not pointed where it should be, of course, but toward her).

Even better: she had a small child in the back seat.



Comments on: "The Stories are True" (9)

  1. Ugh – she really couldn't wait til she got to work?


  2. Anonymous said:

    Sounds like the winner of the last season of Canada's Worst Driver, but without the panicking and crying when traffic moves around her.

    I don't understand why people can't just take the time to focus on what they should be focused on. Heh.


  3. LOL! Oh bother!!


  4. At least she wasn't smoking with the windows up.


  5. Klassy!!

    Also, you look fantastic in your belly pic! Congrats on the “viability” milestone.


  6. MDO – Or take 5 minutes at home and do it there? I guess not :S

    Anon – I guess some people are really good at multi-tasking (or think they are).

    Ruby – yeah, I couldn't believe it!

    Adrienne – I guess that's true. There is always something worse she could have been doing.

    Becca – Thanks! Very excited about passing it!


  7. I have driven by a guy who was shaving with an battery operated shaver. I couldn't believe it.

    Saw another person smoking and talking on the phone with the other hand and driving with I can only assume their leg since neither hand was on the wheel. It's amazing we can get from place to place without dying.

    There was a local news story about this woman who was texting and looked up at the last minute as she almost hit a fire truck. after she stopped (the women who was being interviewed) kept driving next to her and she went right back to doing it. so this woman got out of her car at the stop light and shamed her….


  8. Just on Wednesday, I was driving to the doctor's office ~10-11am and the lady in the small sedan in front of me was applying eye makeup. I thought that late in the morning would be a little more safe… I guess not. :-/


  9. Jess – I'm always amazed by the extent of human stupidity!

    amoebamike – yes, one would normally associate that with the “early morning” rush. Guess not :S


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