Measurements Suck

I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday, and she does this belly measurement. It’s supposed to be the same in centimeters as the gestational age – so at 23 weeks, it should be 23 cm. Last time, I was 22 weeks and my belly measured 26 cm. This time, I was 26 weeks, and my belly measured 32 cm!!


It’s not like my weight gain is through the roof. I’ve gained 17 pounds overall, and the typical range at 26 weeks is 16-22 pounds. I know my belly is high and out front, but to be measuring at 32 weeks??

Now she wants me to get tested for gestational diabetes and to get another ultrasound done to see how Baby G is growing.

Is it possible to feel like a failure as a parent when our child isn’t even born yet? I mean, now I’m freaking out about every little thing I’m eating, thinking I’m harming Baby G, and totally stressing out about the whole thing. Good times.


Comments on: "Measurements Suck" (6)

  1. You may just have a really big baby!
    I think size larger than date is usually not a cause for alarm. Often, I hear it's because you have got a robust placenta and a well-fed baby!

    And of course — feeling like a failure as a parent starts at trying to concieve and never stops. 🙂 Welcome to parenthood!

    I am keeping fingers crossed for you. Try not to worry too much (which I know is futile).


  2. Dude, chill. We've been having kids for centuries and I would bet measuring belly size and correlating with gestation period is something that has started in the last decade. I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter at all. If you get caught up in all the little shit you're going to drive yourself nuts. Remember that the end goal is for a healthy mom and baby, everything else is just static.


  3. well, not to be all that but you had a bigger belly the first time than this time, if you compare…. like % and stuff and it seems to have been going well since then.

    I'm not a mom but have been qiute involved with some friends of mine. I'd think the main reason for concern they've met was when their weight was higher and their bellies weren't big… i.e. not “real” baby heavy but eating a bit too muich. If the belly's big but you are within good gaining curves, that means baby's big and growing and not you?!

    at least that's my take on it.

    Hope you don't have any diabetes (they're just worried about it more often today) and maybe Baby G is just a bit older than everyone thought?!??!?!

    Crossing my fingers you can relax a bit soon!!


  4. I had tons of fluid and gained close to 50 pounds and baby and I were as healthy as can be. My midwife and doctor also didn't put much stock in those belly measurements and only did them twice. It is so hard not to worry when you hear things like this, but knowing that you have an active baby (no it can't be too active!:) and the diabetes check will cover your bases.

    Try to think positive if you find that that helps you, or focus on other things to distract yourself.


  5. Thanks for your comments, everyone. There has been some stuff at work that has added to my stress levels too (see tomorrow's post), so I'm sure it all added together just made me freak out more.


  6. OMG so not a bad parent. you just have a big kid! OR maybe its the gestational diabetes, something you have no control over.


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