Here We Go!

Today is the second open house at the observatory! The weather forecast is not looking great (mostly cloudy and lots of rain), but hopefully that does not deter people from coming out. We had a similar forecast last time, and the event was still very successful. So, my fingers are crossed.

There will be more going on this time, which will hopefully bring out the crowds regardless of the weather. An amateur astronomer will be doing a mirror grinding workshop, and another will be bringing his extensive meteorite collection. There will also be a couple of display boards, advertising university groups that also do astronomy-related outreach. I ordered some small, very cute, astronomy related things from The Space Store, so we’re going to try our hand at selling some merchandise too!

The past few months have been full of ups and downs, but I hope the results from this event, and the one in July, can convince the department, faculty, and university that there is immense public interest in keeping the observatory open for education and outreach purposes.

This is it, people! After this, the fate of the observatory will be decided!


Comments on: "Here We Go!" (4)

  1. I hope everything goes really well Alyssa!!!


  2. oooh good luck Alyssa! I really hope people will understand the value of all this. And the amount of work you're putting into all this. What you wrote the other day was really horrible, people who try to stop this without a good reason other than just being a pain.
    Nonetheless, even if the obs. closes down, you will have given tons of people these opportunities to see it and learn something. You might have changed some kids' life…


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