Another Success!!

The second open house at the observatory was a great success! Even though it was pouring down rain for the first part of the night, and cloudy for the rest, we had about 350 people come by!!

The event was bitter-sweet, as many people were asking when the next open house will be and we had to tell them that it was the last one for the year…maybe ever. I spent a lot of my time talking about the issues we are facing now in order to keep it open. The good news is everyone I talked to was very supportive about keeping it open.

What’s the next step? Well, I’m going to write up a report of this second event. Then, it’s time to start having meetings with some university VIPs (i.e., people that can influence the decision on whether or not the observatory can stay open). I have two very supportive, widely known, and respected faculty members that are behind me 100%, and will accompany me to these meetings to have more clout.

So, time will tell now. We basically have until December 31st to convince the VIPs that this is a worthwhile endeavor.

If you are feeling saddened by the thought of such a great facility closing its doors and are wondering what you can do to help, you can write a letter of support outlining why you think having this observatory stay open is valuable. You can send your letter to me via email (click on the “contact” link above). You can also join our Facebook group.

I will post updates, so stay tuned!


Comments on: "Another Success!!" (4)

  1. Glad it went so well! Good luck going forward!


  2. woohoo – glad it went well! Hoping the VIPS see the merit in all this!


  3. Woohoo! Go Alyssa Go!

    Good luck with those all-important next steps. It sounds very encouraging.


  4. Great job, and good luck with the future plans to keep it open!!


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