28 Weeks

Well, Baby G has been with us for 28 weeks as of yesterday.

Here’s the deal: I know I’m supposed to be grateful for being pregnant, especially after the loss we experienced in December. I know this whole thing is a “miracle”, and I should be happy, and glowing, blah, blah, blah…but, you know what?

Pregnancy is HARD!!

Hard on me emotionally, mentally, and (duh!) physically. I’ve definitely learned that I’m not one of those women who LOVES being pregnant. At this point, I’m just trying to get through it without killing someone.

So, in honor of getting to the 28 week mark without being arrested for manslaughter, I’m allowing myself to vent. If you don’t think I deserve to vent, then sod-off and don’t read on.

I’m so tired of:

– not being able to eat the foods I used to love. From the nausea in the first trimester, to random food aversions in the second (and now third), there have been a lot of things I haven’t been able to enjoy like I used too. Spicy foods in particular.

– not being able to have a glass of wine with dinner. I generally don’t drink that much – maybe a glass of wine or two a week – but to not even have the option is brutal. What’s worse? I’ve actually been craving beer lately. I can’t even remember the last time I wanted a beer, but here I am.

– having to sleep with 4 pillows so that my hips don’t hurt, or so I don’t roll on to my back (because then I can’t breathe).

– (TMI alert) having to get up 3-4 times a night to pee.

– not being able to breathe properly. I get out of breath walking from my car to the office, or walking up the stairs at home.

– not being able to bend over without a) being in pain, b) feeling like I’m squishing the crap out of Baby G, and/or c) looking like a complete fool.

– the frickin’ heat!! This has been a record-breaking year in terms of hot temperatures, high humidity, and low precipitation. Yay.

– generally feeling like ass most of the time. If it’s not back pain, it’s Baby G kicking me in the ribs, or feeling nauseous, or being super emotional, or being exhausted, or, or, OR.

– my belly getting bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER. How is it possible that this baby is going to grow more? How is my belly going to stretch anymore? I still have another 12 weeks(ish), and Baby G is supposed to triple in weight by then. HOW????

Not that I want Baby G to be born premature, but I’m pretty much ready to be done with pregnancy. I seriously cannot believe that I have another 2-3 months of this.

If anyone says shit like:
– you should enjoy this time before the baby comes…
– it will all be worth it when you see Baby G for the first time…
– at least you CAN sleep now…
– just wait until the baby comes…
– just wait until the baby is X, Y, Z age…

…or any other “helpful” comment we like to tell other people, I will frickin’ lose it.

That is all.


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  1. I HATED pregnancy too. but at least the kid part is pretty fun.


  2. If it's any help, my friend Shannon that I've been telling you about is feeling it too. She was telling me the other day that she still feels really guilty about going off on a cashier at the Disney Store in Hamilton a couple of weeks ago because they ran out of stuffed Winnie the Poohs. She really wanted one, went all the way there to get one, the store was out and the lady told her to come back the following Thursday. The horomones took over from there and the poor woman didn't know what hit her!

    It's a huge overhaul for your body and your entire life, it's bound to get hard. Vent as much as you need. Better here than at poor unsuspecting cashiers 😉


  3. At this stage of pregnancy I didn't have a problem with having a few sips of wine or half a beer but if that isn't for you there are some pretty good non-alcoholic beers out, especially if you like hefeweizen:)

    To all the other stuff I really remember feeling that way quite often. I also look at pictures of me at 40/41 weeks and am actually shocked that I got that big as even now it basically doesn't look human to me LOL.

    Good luck Alyssa!!


  4. I loved your vent!:) All oh so true.
    About bending — fuggetaboutit. Squat.
    And I think you can probably have a glass of beer if you really crave it.

    Hang in there! Best of luck!


  5. Totally normal. TOTALLY. Sorry. I'll have a virtual beer with you in January!


  6. And yes, it is amazing that I've made it through two and a half pregnancies without committing a violent crime as well.


  7. I enjoyed my pregnancy and I still had all those complaints…in fact I didnt realize how uncomfortable it gets at times until I wasnt pregnant anymore…then I felt “normal” again (normal isnt like normal before PG, in my experience, but different). I totally DESPISE all those comments you listed too, especially the sleep thing….sleeping comfortably with a bowling ball between your legs is nearly impossible…growl!

    Oh and the “just wait until baby is..blah blah blah” doesnt stop when the baby gets here either. I made a comment about how gross his car seat got (dirt, dust) and all he does is sit in it and two sets of parents with older kids started in on “Just wait until he eats in the car/barfs in the seat/brings dirt into the car…” yada yada yada….Can I just say SOMETHING without getting comments from the peanut gallery!?! LOL…sorry this was your rant…but I TOTALLY HEAR YOU!!!



  8. I so hear you. And I've had easy pregnancies by most standards. But the no-alcohol thing and not being able to sleep on your stomach OR your back really sucks. Can I add to list:
    1. Not being able to take most medicines when you are sick.
    2. Stretching itchy skin.
    3. Looking ridiculous in pretty much anything I wear.
    BTW, I am 28 weeks too. Second pregnancy. I have been enjoying your blog.


  9. I was reading once about a study that showed moderate drinking is fine during pregnancy, but that the government does not trust the public to understand what moderate means and the public will go overboard and we'll have a deluge of fetal-OH infants, so the party line is “No drinking OH while pg.”

    I'm not a doctor, but OH has been shown to be problematic in large quantities. You are probably ok to have a serving of beer or wine occasionally while pg. I trust that you are not a member of the public the government is so fearful of having no sense what-so-ever.

    I hope your pg improves and you can enjoy some of it. I was a happy pg person and loved being pg. I had one early miscarriage, two term healthy babies and ended my child-bearing career on an end of first trimester miscarriage. I don't think being pg is something you should ever feel “grateful” for especially because of a miscarriage. The point is for the baby at the end, not the pregnancy. 🙂


  10. LOL! I'm so glad I could get a general rant started 🙂 Thanks for the sympathy too.

    I know that a small amount of alcohol would be okay, but for some reason whenever I think about actually drinking some I just can't bring myself to do it. We'll see if that lasts another 12 weeks though.


  11. I have all these same complaints Alyssa, but I think it isn't hitting me quite as badly as it's hitting you. I'm really sorry you aren't feeling better about it.

    I definitely second the motion to have a glass of wine or beer here and there if you want one. I think the hardest thing for me is feeling like I CAN'T do things. Feeling like I could have a drink when I wanted one has made it a lot easier for me, even though my total drinks for the whole pregnancy is probably around 8. Just knowing that I could seems to make it something bearable, even though usually I choose not to.

    I will add to the rant that I don't get why everyone loves feeling the baby kick. I love knowing that he is healthy and happy in there, but it's definitely not something I'm intrinsically attached to. Especially when it goes on for hours, or when I am trying to fall asleep, etc. Just yet another reminder that my body is not my own and he and I are in it together (literally).

    I too am completely thrilled at the idea of being able to bend over without squishing baby against already crowded organs.

    Anyway, I loved this post.


  12. Hahaha wonderful post Alyssa! Good you're so honest. I suppose you have this pressure that you MUST feel glowingly pregnant, blablabla.
    My biggest fear of having kids is perhaps even more the pregnancy than actually having a kid.
    Alcohol free beer an option?


  13. I have nothing helpful to say. However, your post reminded me of something I realized as a little girl (and eldest child) that still rings true – I might like to be a father!


  14. Yay, honesty!

    I have a few friends who are physicians who had the occasional glass of wine or beer during their pregnancies. Like one every week or two, after the first trimester. And coffee too.


  15. Later I remembered: an ex colleague who moved to Italy got pregnant there, and her doctor said “1 glass of wine per day is totally fine, but no ice cream and cookies”. She constantly craved ice cream and cookies 😉


  16. Adrienne – yes, the kicking thing is weird for me too. Sometimes it's cool, but mostly it's just something else to deal with.

    Nina – I can see being more scared of pregnancy than of parenting! I mean, your body is totally taken over by another being – sucking up every last resource! LOL about the cookies and ice cream – that's why we should not tell ourselves we can't have/do something 🙂

    Dr. Girlfriend – LOL! I never thought about it that way, but it seems they get a pretty good deal.

    Cath – I've had no issues having caffeine once in a while, but for some reason I just can't bring myself to have even a sip of alcohol. Although, all these comments are starting to convince me 😉


  17. Meh, who ever said pregnancy was a picnic? I'd be surprised to hear that it was rainbows and happiness the whole way through. Rant away!

    On the topic of less-than-desirable aspects of pregnancy – A dear friend of mine confided in me about an issue no one seems to talk about during pregnancy – gas. She declared that she had never experienced such foul odours from her body in her life. The worst part, she claimed, was that she had absolutely no control over when said “eruptions” occurred.

    So, yeah, I feel for ya, but won't offer you the it can't be so bad spiel. I'M nowhere near pregnant. I couldn't possibly understand what it feels like.

    All the best in your last trimester!


  18. I hope you continue to avoid the alcohol. http://edition.presstv.ir/TextOnly/detail.aspx?id=140062

    I have a friend who is normally proportioned but only 4'6″ and 86 pounds, and she had a regular sized baby, by natural birth. Kind of amazed me. She was happy through the process, maybe because it was a late-life pregnancy and was something she always wanted very much.


  19. x-ine – luckily, my digestion issues seem to be better during pregnancy!

    William – ah, and I'm sure with a 5-10 minute Google search I could find a bunch of studies that show drinking 1-2 glasses of alcohol a day is good for you 🙂 And this baby is very much wanted – doesn't mean I have to enjoy every aspect of pregnancy.


  20. OMG I would definitely miss ice cream and cookies more than alcohol. Holy crap I am never living in Italy. LOL


  21. Aw, I feel for you. (And kudos for just venting about it!! Who says everyone has to be all glowy and sunshiney all the time?)


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