Baby G Knitting Project

Last month I mentioned I was started a knitting project for Baby G’s nursery: knitting squares with the letters of his name and make a wall hanging.

Well, I finished the squares last week, and got around to blocking them on Monday night. This was the first time I ever blocked something, so it was kind of exciting!

Fig. 1: One of the letters in Baby G’s name, and the other colors I used to make up the wall-hanging.

Now I have a decision to make: do I hang the letters separately, or do I sew them together somehow? If I go for the latter, do I sew the pieces directly together or put some sort of a boarder between the squares?


Now I’ll go back to working on the felted tote bag. I’m really excited about the final product, but to be honest the knitting is pretty boring, since it’s just the same stitch over and over again. I think that’s why I keep putting it down. Hopefully I can get it done before Baby G arrives though (not because I’ll need it, but it would be nice to have it finished).


Comments on: "Baby G Knitting Project" (7)

  1. I love free-form tiles because you can arrange them how you like and move them; horizontally, vertically, or my personal favorite, just kind of hanging at various angles spread out across a wall. If you sew them together, you lose that future flexibility.


  2. I am not English, so it is really hard for me to translate what I mean but here we go: Can you not attach these buttonholes made from the fabric the square is from, on the upper corners and do something with big buttons, you know, the big round ones, that were in fashion on coats, and are around children a lot. You can buy them in any color so also in the colors of the fabric you knitted in, or do some completely different color? Later on, your kid can play around with undoing and doing the buttons through the holes making up the name?


  3. I agree with the first comment, I love the versatility of being able to hang each individual letter in any way you wish! The square you posted for us is beautiful and I love the other colors you have chosen! I so wish I could knit, homemade things are the best…maybe I'll ask my grandmother to show me how someday soon.


  4. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I was thinking of hanging them separately and, to take it a step further, to frame each of them in a simple black metal frame with white matting. I'll post an update on what I end up doing.


  5. Ooh, I like the framing idea! I also agree with leaving them separate, and hanging them however you like. I was going to suggest doing some kind of felt backing, maybe with some cardboard too, to make them sturdier so they won't stretch when you hang them. Your framing idea sounds way better though!


  6. Cute 🙂 I could never bring up the patience for that. I like Lin's idea though, why not use something to non-permanently arrange the letters together, like buttons and loops or velcro. The buttons will clearly be prettier, while the velcro will hold better.


  7. it's gorgeous! i have made some similar, they are so cute.


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